9 Beyonce Nail Art Ideas To Make For A ***Flawless Manicure

Your resident Beyoncé-crazed babe is back to explore yet another way to pay homage to the Queen, this time, with something a little less permanent. What better way to spice up your routine than by adding a little bit of Beyoncé flair to your next manicure? Consider one (or all) of these Beyoncé nail art ideas the next time you're at the salon, and channel your inner Queen Bey. If you're not quite ready to ink Bey on your bod forever, adding her to a nail or two of your next manicure is the perfect compromise. It's temporary, and it can be as flashy or as subtle as you'd like.

Whether you're gearing up to see Bey on the Formation World Tour, or you just need a little reminder every day that you too can be a hustler, a diva, and run the world — take your favorite lyric, silhouette, or Beyoncé-inspired pattern with you on your next trip to the salon, and have your manicurist give it a go. Depending on your manicurists design skills, you might want to give them a heads up that you'd like Beyonce's face painted on your nails the next time you come in... just to make sure you leave the salon feeling ***flawless.


Pretty Hurts

Take it all the way, and go with the angelic face of Queen Bey on a statement nail.


I Love You Like XO

If you're not ready for a full set of Bey-inspired nails, try a simple XO on one of your nails as an homage to the Queen.


Yonce Yonce Yonce

The set is insanely detailed, painted up for someone heading to see Bey on her last world tour, the On The Run tour, which she did with husband Jay-Z. Epic tour, epic nails.


Drunk In Love

This BeyHive member is rocking black and yellow nails, a crown, and lyrics. She's drunk in love with Bey and not afraid to show it off.


Lyrics On Every Nail

Sometimes you just can't decide, you know? In that case, pick a few of your favorite nods to Bey lyrics, and have your manicurist add them to each nail. Surfboard. Bow down.


Bow Down, BeyHive

Nothing says Beyoncé quite like the term bow down, does it?


Simple Statement

A single letter B on one nail is the perfect place to start if you're afraid of making a huge commitment. Keep it simple, but still make a statement.


Subtle Artwork

How sick is that ring-finger nail?! Painted with the tour-logo likeness of Beyoncé, this manicurist crushed her assignment.


BeyHive Goals

This pointer finger BeyHive call out might be my favorite Beyoncé inspired nail art I've seen yet. A simple color scheme, a witty representation of honeycomb-shapes... you might just see me sporting one of these nails come Formation time, ladies.