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9 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Were Religious

Even for the most open stars, the topics of faith and family tend to be pretty private matters. That's why the religious backgrounds of some stars may surprise you. The many celeb moms you didn’t know were religious will let you see the spiritual side of the entertainment business.

Although it's tricky to get a full overview of Hollywood's religious leanings, LA itself has some interesting religious breakdowns. Just over half the residents of Los Angeles, California affiliate with a religion, most commonly Catholic or other Christian faiths, followed by about 1 percent Jewish and 1 percent Eastern faith, according to Sperling's Best Places. Granted, not all of these people work in the entertainment industry, but it gives you a sense of the celebrity epicenter's religiosity.

This religious uniformity makes the celebrity population's diversity of beliefs all the more interesting. Sure, there are plenty of Christian and Jewish stars, but celebs who are Hindu or other faiths also make an appearance. It's hard to say whether these famous moms will raise their children in the same religion — that may be the most personal decision of all — but plenty of these moms have been outspoken about the role of faith in their lives.


Julia Roberts

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The actress and mother of three has left her mark on Hollywood forever. And as of 2010, Julia Roberts considers herself a practicing Hindu, according to HuffPo. Praying and going to temple have been important aspects of her life.


Mayim Bialik

Actress, neuroscientist, and mother of two, Mayim Bialik is an all around awesome human. Bialik's dedication to Judaism is also an important part of her life, as she explained in a brilliant vlog post. In her view, religion and science can coexist in a natural, logical way.


Padma Lakshmi

A Top Chef host, mom, model, and author, Padma Lakshmi has led a fascinating life. She's also a practicing Hindu. In 2012, Lakshmi also got her daughter a sacramental haircut, according to E! Online. A symbol of new beginnings, this first haircut has important cultural significance.


Candace Cameron Bure

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Author, actress, and mom of three, Candace Cameron Bure will forever be known as D.J. Tanner from Full House. She is also a devoted Christian. According to her website, Cameron Bure began attending church at the age of 12, and her faith has remained an integral part of her life ever since. To share her faith, she speaks at events around the country.


Faith Hill

OK, her name kind of gives it away. But singer and record producer Faith Hill was raised Christian and credits that upbringing for her musical success, according to Self. She and husband Tim McGraw have three daughters together, and time will tell whether the girls enter the family business.


Natalie Portman


Actress and mom of two, Natalie Portman had an unconventional route to Hollywood. Portman was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and her parents immigrated to the United States when she was very young, according to Biography.com. Holding dual Israeli and American citizenship, Portman is a practicing Jew who is raising her children in the religion, according to The Telegraph.


Serena Williams

The newest mom on the list, Serena Williams had her first baby on September 1, 2017. The professional tennis player is well renowned for her skill on the court, but she's also publicly discussed spirituality. A Jehovah's Witness, Williams often thanks Jehovah God for her wins, according to HuffPo. Has faith strengthened her prowess in the sport?


Scarlett Johansson


Actress, model, singer, and mom, Scarlett Johansson is a quadruple threat. What background led to this amazing life? With a Jewish mother who celebrated Christmas traditions, Johansson grew up with various religious influences, according to Indie London.


Rachel Bilson

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Actress and mom Rachel Bilson possibly celebrated Chrismukkah in real life. With a Catholic mother and Jewish father, Bilson had an interfaith upbringing, according to Interfaith Family. No word yet on how she plans to raise daughter Briar Rose.

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