9 Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Involve Pets, Because Fluffy Wants To Play Too

Coming up with a different Elf on the Shelf scene every night is fun, but chances are, you want to change things up a bit. To do so, why not bring the family pet into the tradition? These creative Elf on the Shelf ideas that involve pets show that four-legged friends make great props for the different scenarios that you put Santa's little helper in. Well, at least some of the time.

If you plan on setting up these elves with your pets, then you'll definitely want to just take a picture or shoot some video featuring their encounter and show them to the kids later. By doing so, you'll help enforce the "no touching" rule that goes with the elf, so that the magic stays in tact. Plus, you'll have time to stage a few reshoots, in case it takes Fido a few minutes to get used to the whole elf idea.

By bringing your pets into the elf tradition, it helps to solidify what you already know: pets are totally a part of the family, too. Even if your fur baby doesn't take to the elf at first — cats in particular seem a bit wary of him — it's still fun to film their reactions. Just make sure to keep the elf away from any dogs who might be tempted to use him as a chew toy once your scene has wrapped.


Prank War

Why not stage your pets trying to get rid of the elf? The dogs Ricochet and Rina got into a prank war with the elf that involved whoopie cushions, a toaster, paper shredder, and more. By the end of it they were pretty much over the elf's shenanigans. Basically the whole video is good to watch for some good puppy and elf inspiration.


Cat Attack, Part 1

If you balance the elf on the edge of a table, the cat will almost certainly knock it off. It's what cats do. Film the whole ordeal and share it with the kids when they wake up.


Dog Ride

I mean, having the elf ride on your pet is a very cute idea. But it looks like different animals have different reactions to the practice of being turned into a method of transportation. By the look on its face, this particular dog is one thousand percent done with the whole elf thing. So. Done.


Dog Massage

Stage a series of photos in which your elf appears to pet or massage the family dog. It's pretty much guaranteed to be super cute.


Chill Cats

Because wide-awake cats are probably tempted to attack the elf, it might be better to stage photos when the felines are asleep, or at least super calm. It will make the whole process easier for everyone and you can tell the kids you found the two new bset friends cuddling in the middle of the night.


Cat Attack, Part 2

The first time you introduce your cat to the Elf on the Shelf, be sure to film the results. Sniffing and/or slapping appears to be the go-to cat reaction. To be fair to the elf, this is their go-to reaction for almost everything, but we especially can't blame them in this case because the elf is a little bit creepy.


Groom Session

Drop fido off at the groomers and let the elf work his magic. Here a family staged the elf giving the dog a hair cut. Assuming the dog was in need of a trim, this actually works out for everyone.


Smoothie Elf

OK, so there definitely appears to be a recurring theme with all of these setups: pets are so over the elf. This cat is even plotting to take the elf on a spin through the blender. Would your own pet do something so devious?


Fishing Pond

If you have a fish tank, pose the elf nearby. In this scenario, the elf has a line with a toy fish on the end of it. Whether your pets are four-legged and fluffy, or ones that live in the water, they can all get involved in the yearly Elf on the Shelf antics.

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