9 Embarrassing Things That Happen To Your Body When You Have Sex While Pregnant

Even under the best of conditions, sex can be pretty weird. I mean, the expressions alone are ridiculous. That said, pregnancy sex can take things to a whole different level. Basically, the embarrassing things that happen to your body when you have sex while pregnant may leave both you and your partner laughing.

It's no surprise that pregnancy can change your body in about a thousand different ways. In addition to the obvious belly, there's all kinds of changes going on with your hormone levels that can lead to some interesting encounters in the bedroom. Basically, it would be unusual if you and your partner could get through pregnancy sex without an odd moment or two.

With that in mind, now is a good time to maintain a sense of humor. When things don't go according to plan in the bedroom — which is bound to happen — being able to laugh about the situation will help you and your partner in the long run. Whether you think pregnancy sex is awesome, or you're just ready to be done with it already, it won't last forever. In no time, you and your SO will be on to a whole new adventure: trying to have sex with a new baby in the house.


Awkward Positioning

Especially during those final weeks, finding a position that accommodates your growing belly can get kind of interesting. Although there are plenty of pregnancy sex positions that can get the job done, you might have to forego your usual moves for a while. That said, experimentation can be fun.



Yeah, this is one of those pregnancy factoids you probably didn't know about until you were actively experiencing it. But as noted in The Bump, pregnancy hormones often cause discharge production like never before. For what it's worth, this effect is totally normal, and you can always hop in the shower beforehand if it grosses you out. (Deciding you don't care and forging ahead with sex anyway is another option.)


Unintended Noises

What can you say? Sometimes the body has a mind of its own. Gas happens to everybody, even pregnant ladies.


Accidental Pee

No one in their right mind would interrupt a pregnant woman who's charging toward the bathroom, as it's common knowledge that pregnancy will make you need to pee all the time. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also cause incontinence, as noted in Everyday Health. Simply sneezing or walking may cause you to spring a leak, so it's unsurprising that sex can also have this fun effect.


Nap Attack

Sometimes the only thing you want to do in bed is sleep. And that's normal: according to Baby Center, pregnant women do need extra sleep. So if you happen to doze off while your partner's trying to put the moves on, it's understandable.


Baby Movements

Generally, feeling your baby move is a magical moment. But when you feel the little one kicking while you and your partner are getting busy, it may derail your activities in a hurry. Granted, your baby can't tell if you're having sex, but it's understandable if those movements kind of kill the vibe.



Sure, it feels like the worst time ever to get an infection down there. But according to the Mayo Clinic, yeast infections are especially common during pregnancy thanks to the presence of those pregnancy hormone changes. This might make you switch to non-penetrative sex for the time being.


Post-Orgasm Cramping

Does your "Yeah" moment turn into a "Yeow"? It happens. As noted in Babble, post-orgasm cramping is normal during pregnancy. And because the world is unfair, they might even feel like menstrual cramps.


Leaky Boobs

Are your boobs jumping the gun when it comes to breastfeeding? It's normal. As noted in Baby Center, it's common for breasts to leak during pregnancy sex. But it isn't a big deal; you can just wipe up with a hand towel and keep going.