9 Free Things To Do On Mother's Day That Mom Will Love


When I was younger, finding things that were in my budget with my mom for Mother's Day seemed difficult, if not impossible. After all, when you're little, your eyes are always big when it comes to gift giving, but that weekly allowance just won't cover it. And even as an adult — or a mom yourself — finding ways to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank can be a challenge. That's why it's important to have a list of free things to do on Mother's Day on standby.

One thing I've realized as I've gotten older is that my mom loves anything that gives her the opportunity to spend time with my siblings and I. That doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't enjoy receiving a new bottle of perfume or charm for her Pandora bracelet. But as long as she spends time with us, she is happy. And since I enjoy spending time with family more than I did when I was younger, it's a win-win situation.

While choosing a perfect gift can sometimes be really difficult, time consuming, and costly, the following free, fun, and family oriented things to do on Mother's Day will help take the pressure off of you.

1Head Outside For Family Time


Being that I'm a Floridian, my family and I use any excuse to get to the beach and Mother's Day is no different. If you don't beach near you, heading to the park, pool, or your own backyard are both good options.

2Check For Free Local Concerts Or Events


Sites like Eventbrite or those catered to your specific city, such as Atlanta on the Cheap, are great resources and starting points to find free and reduced priced events around town.

3Invite Her Over For A Homemade Meal


Mom will appreciate anything that decreases the amount of work she has to do. Take the load off of her domestic duties and invite her over a for a homemade Mother's Day brunch, lunch, or anything she's open to having.

4Host An At Home Spa Day


Pull out some of your mom's favorite nail polish, oils, and lotions, and treat her to some well-deserved pampering. Don't forget to have the Mother's Day cocktails on deck too.

5Walk Down Memory Lane


Although most of my childhood pictures are not flattering, pulling out the old photo albums around my mom brings the biggest smile on her face. Spend some time reminiscing with your mom to remind her how great of a parent she's been over the years.

6Create An Adult Coloring Book


Whether you decide to draw the pictures yourself or just print out some adult coloring pages from online, taking it back to your younger days — when you sprawled out on the floor coloring — is sure to bring a smile to mom's face.

7Hit All The 'Freebie' Spots In Town


Unbeknownst to most, plenty of places supply you with free food on the big day. Take your mom on a delicious journey and hit them all up.

8Make Her A Coupon Book


No, not coupons for actual places. Try creating a list of things that she would possibly want done around the house and supply her with a coupon that enables you to take it off of her hands.

9Craft Togther


Although my mom isn't the first person to raise her hand high for crafting projects, my sister is. We spend a lot of time on Pinterest together finding new projects for her to do with or for my niece, so doing one (or all) of them together would be perfect time spent for Mother's Day