9 Halloween 2019 Costumes For Platinum Blonde Hair That Put Your 'Do On Display


Sure, costumes and makeup get a lot of attention around Halloween time, but for some people, it's all about the hair. Whether it's your own hair or a wig you're getting just for Halloween, sometimes the locks are the star. And as the Halloween costumes for platinum blonde hair prove, some looks are just made for this iconic shade. This Halloween, it's your hair's turn to play dress-up.

First, there's no shortage of famous celebrities to turn to for inspiration, because platinum blonde hair has been a celeb staple since the Old Hollywood days. Then of course there are plenty of popular characters from books, movies, and TV shows who are known for their white-blonde locks. From classic storybook characters to the stars of '90s movies, sometimes the hair is a crucial part of the character. Lastly, there are a whole selection of classic Halloween costumes that simply look incredible when paired with this shade of blonde, from mythical creatures to royal rulers.

Platinum blonde hair is a bold, fashion-forward shade that's perpetually on-trend, whether you're rocking a mostly shaved head or waist-long locks. So if you want to make this white-blonde shade the star of your Halloween costume, then go ahead and play up this glamorous and fun hair color.

1. Alice From 'Alice In Wonderland'

There are plenty of options for Alice costumes, which are honestly something of a Halloween staple. But this version, with its over-sized bow and bold design, puts a little different spin on the classic outfit. Plus, your platinum blonde hair will go perfectly with this look.

2. Cher Horowitz From 'Clueless'

Embrace your '90s nostalgia with this totally amazing costume choice. A yellow plaid outfit and fuzzy pen perfect this Cher. Could you pass on such a good choice for Halloween? As if!

3. Daenerys Targaryen From 'Game Of Thrones'

The mega-hit show Game Of Thrones wrapped up earlier this year, so you have eight full seasons of amazing Dany looks for inspiration. Although I love the queenly cape dress here, you could also choose her Dothraki clothes or the iconic blue cape dress. Whatever you wear, your icy blonde hair, perhaps done up in elaborate braids, will be the star of the show.

4. Draco Malfoy From 'Harry Potter'

Dress as the bad boy of the Harry Potter universe. Draco Malfoy has two defining features, and those are limitless entitlement and white-blond hair. Affect an attitude and represent the Slytherin house this Halloween.

5. Skeleton Mermaid

Put an edgy spin on the classic mermaid look. This dress is a costume all on its own. Just slip the starfish pin in your hair and go on your spooky way.

6. Goddess

With the one-shouldered, beautifully draped dress on, you'll send out goddess vibes immediately. Plus, the costume set also includes gold leaf wristbands and a headpiece, as well as gold leg wraps. It's everything you need to feel divine this Halloween.

7. Marilyn Monroe

Dress as one of the most famous blonde-haired celebrities of all time. This Marilyn Monroe dress is iconic and instantly recognizable. Just supply your own fabulous hair and you're all set.

8. Scarecrow

Sure, there are about a zillion cute scarecrow costumes out there, but this creepy one is fantastic. Just think about how creative you can get with the makeup for this one. Also, let your hair get as frizzy and wild as you like to complete the ensemble.

9. Lost Ghost

Dress as a ghostly figure in this vintage-looking lace dress. With some intense makeup and a few old-school accessories, this could be quite the haunting look. And of course, your white-blonde hair will only add to the spooky vibes.