9 Holiday Activities For Couples, Besides Kissing Under The Mistletoe

The holidays are a special time of the year, no matter your age, but the focus always seems to be on making it the most wonderful time of the year for children. And although it's an especially magical time for a kid, the fun doesn't wear off when you're an adult. I love absolutely everything about this season, even before I had my daughter. And when you have an significant other? Oh, the magic just seems to get even bigger. This season is such a romantic, wonderful time that finding holidays activities for couples should be a priority.

Holiday dates don't have to break the bank. They also don't have to include shopping malls, Santa, or any kind of gingerbread house decorating. (Although those are all fun ideas, too.) Being together during the holidays is just like being together the rest of the year, except there are lots of twinkling lights, an abundance of hot, boozy drinks, and a fire to cuddle near. If you're looking for something fun to do with your partner this season, these nine ideas can be a foundation for your future traditions. Don't let the magic of the holidays go by just because you don't have children (and don't feel like it has to be all about them if you do have kids.) 'Cause baby, it's cold outside, and you and your partner need some time alone.


Exchange Gifts Alone

Opening gifts with my family and friends is one of my favorite things in the world, but there are some gifts between couples that are better when opened privately. Pick a time, like Christmas Eve, and settle somewhere comfy with your SO to exchange gifts. You can linger over them, talk about how much you appreciate them, and even show your happiness a bit without getting yelled at by your drunk relatives.


Go Ice Skating

Little kids and ice skate blades don't always mix, so it's not a bad idea to save this for when you and your partner can enjoy the sport alone. (And laugh your *sses off at each other every time you fall.)


Spend The Night At A Bed And Breakfast

This time of the year, I imagine every bed and breakfast in America looks like Santa Claus's house. Imagine the beautiful decorations, the gorgeous Christmas ambiance, and the silent night. If you can't get away in the weeks leading up to Chrsitmas, try to book something in the following weeks.


Plan A Christmas Lights Sightseeing Route

Kids do love Christmas lights, but it's just as fun to plan your route with your partner. Take a walking tour or pile the blankets in the car for a romantic drive (and perhaps a romantic pit stop in an abandoned parking lot) to get both of you in the holiday spirit. Rate which ones were your favorite and which ones were totes tacky.


Play Bartender With Boozy Holiday Cocktails

Don those Santa hats, put the kids to bed, and get to work in the kitchen 'cause it's time to get boozed. You may regret this a bit when your kids wake up at 7 a.m. and, for the record, I do not recommend trying this on Christmas Eve before you've put together that Barbie Dream House. Nevertheless, have a boozy, fun-filled drink or two while you guys practice your Cocktail abilities.


Pick Out An Ornament Together

Such a sweet tradition to start with your SO. Pick out an ornament each year for your tree and watch your collection grow! They don't have to be lovey dovey ornaments either. If you're both psyched for Star Wars, grab a Han Solo ornament. Maybe you had your first kiss while binge watching The Walking Dead? I saw a Daryl Dixon ornament you two would love. (And so would I. Hint, family.)


Have A Sexy Advent Calendar

Who says advent calendars are just for kids? Count down the days to Christmas with sexy ideas in your calendar, like a massage on December 4, or sex under the Christmas tree on the 18. (Just be ready to pull tinsel out of places it doesn't belong, OK?)


Volunteer Together

The holidays are a time of charity, of love, and of being there for our fellow man. Grab your partner and find a place to volunteer this year. Watching the one you love help a little girl find a toy just for her, or seeing your partner ladle out soup for those less fortunate will be the greatest Christmas present you receive.


Have Pictures Taken Of You Two

Everyone loves to dress their kids up in red and green and pose them at the Christmas tree farm, but you and your partner deserve to be in some, too. Whether you have kids or not, make sure to get a few good pictures of the two of you alone this Christmas. It's a sweet reminder of the Christmases you've shared together and it will come in handy in five years when man buns and thick eyebrows are out of style again.

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