9 Holiday-Inspired Sex Positions To Bring You Comfort & Os

As you cross of the days on the calendar, you've likely realized that holidays are drawing closer and closer. And with that realization comes the inevitable holiday rush: the scramble to send all your holiday greeting cards on time, the sprint through the store to grab the last of this year's hottest toy, the scurry to find the perfect outfit for the company party. You're stressed. So why not get rid of that stress with a little sex. Better yet — why not utilize some holiday-inspired sex positions to help you relax among the holiday chaos?

What defines a holiday sex position, you ask? Well, it requires more than some sexy Santa-inspired lingerie. (Of course, if you want it, then use it. There is some great holiday lingerie out there.) A true holiday sex position takes inspiration from some of the seasons most symbolic items, from Santa's workshop to snowy angels, and guarantees you'll be signing a different type of carol. And, ideally, it should be done before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve.

So whether you're knocking boots in your childhood twin bed, snagging some alone time with your special someone, or simply rocking around the tree by yourself, these holiday-inspired sex positions will be sure to get you oh-oh-ohhing this holiday season.


The North Pole

Alyssa Foote/Romper

For the materialistic among us, Christmas would be nothing without the North Pole. A simple, sexual way to pay tribute to the toy-making capital of the world is to try having standing sex. If balance is an issue for you and your partner, try having one partner lean against the wall and wrap their leg around the other’s waist.


Oh Christmas Tree

Alyssa Foote/Romper

Whether you rock around it or leave your gifts beneath it, there’s no denying how important trees to the holiday season. Honor the evergreen by creating a tree of your own. Simply kneel down and face your partner, intertwining. Then slowly grind against each other while making out. You can perform the same position with a male, allowing them to penetrate while you grind.


The Snow Angel

Alyssa Foote/Romper

As a kid, the best part about winter was lying in the freshly fallen snow and waving your arms and legs to create a snow angel. Now that you’re older, however, you’d rather stay in your warm bed then scurry out to the cold weather. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this winter pastime. Simply lie down — arms and legs stretched — and have your partner go down on you. Rather than grabbing the sheets when you cum, wave them around to form a sheet angel of sorts.


Hanging The Mistletoe

Alyssa Foote/Romper

Why hang the mistletoe when you can be the mistletoe... so to speak. Have your partner kneel down on the bed, leaving enough room for your back to be on the bed with your head hanging off the edge. Then, as you lay down, wrap your feet around his neck and lift your back. The higher you lift your back, the deeper the penetration and more intense the pleasure.


Reindeer Games

Alyssa Foote/Romper

No red nose required for this position (though, if you’re into the whole dress-up thing, don’t let me stop you. This position is essentially Doggy style for lesbian couples. While one partner is on all fours, the other other partner kneels behind and reaches around to play with the clitoris. Use the other hand to keep balance or to engage in some nipple play.


The Yule Log

Alyssa Foote/Romper

The lazier the sex position, the better. At least, that’s my theory. Take a note from the infamous yule log and lay down to spoon our partner. Bonus points if you can do it in front of a fireplace. Double bonus points if that fireplace features an actual yule log.


Deck The Halls

Alyssa Foote/Romper

Hanging garland is hard. Hanging garland while your partner enters you from behind is even harder. But the challenge will make you appreciate your orgasm even more. This position is another type of standing sex position, where the woman uses her arms to brace herself against the wall. If you have a hard time having sex vertically, try some tips from mastering standing sex.


Jingle Bells

Alyssa Foote/Romper

They say it’s better to give than you receive, especially around the holidays. So why not give your partner the best sex of their life? You’ve likely mastered girl on top by this point, so take it to the next level by gently massaging his balls as you grind against him. According to Bustle, most guys enjoy having their balls touched during sex, so this will give him an extra thrill in bed.


Milk And Cookies

Alyssa Foote/Romper

Sex can make you hungry, and feeling yourself can make you downright ravenous. This position provides the best of both worlds. Use one hand to hold and manipulate your favorite sex toy, and use the other to shove some holiday cookies into your mouth. If you pace yourself, you’ll still have enough treats left over for Santa.