These Maternity Shoot Ideas Include Dogs, Because Your Furbaby Is Family Too

Before we had a baby — and now — our two knucklehead rescue beagles were and are super important family members (as are our jerkface cats). And our lives would be so much less wonderful without them. We even had an Etsy print made for our son's nursery that said, "First we had each other, then we had the furbabies, then we had you, and now we have everything." If your dogs are the loves of your lives, it's understandable that you'd want to include them in a special life event. That's why maternity shoot ideas with dogs make so much sense.

I am so thankful my son will get to grow up with animals like I did. I feel like it will help teach him compassion for others and responsibility from a young age. Plus it will be a lot of fun for him... and let's be honest, the beagles, too, with all that dropped food when he's a toddler. I wanted to include our beagles in my maternity photo shoot oh so badly, but alas, they are ding dongs and incapable of standing still long enough for a picture. The moment another dog walked by, the scene would turn to chaos. But that's OK. That's why we got beagles instead of retrievers; they have strong personalities, stubbornness and all. We like a challenge, what can I say? So I guess I'll have to look longingly at these beautiful maternity photos with other people's dogs (who are apparently not ding dongs).


Involve The Whole Family

Even though it's very understated that she's pregnant in this photo, it's adorable and perfect because it simultaneously shows both what their family is like at that moment and what it will become, with that little bump right in the center. Also, you totally have to include your cat in the picture, too, if they let you. And if they look as magnificent as this cat does in this photo.



Get everyone involved in the announcement, with your pup proudly standing by your side as you hold the telltale onesie. Doesn't this dog look as proud as his people?


Dogs and Bumps

Look how excited these pups are for their future human sibling. Perhaps there is a treat behind mom's head, but I think they're looking at her and the bump with a lot of love in their eyes.


Understated Group Shot

Go somewhere that you and your pups always go together and take a family photo. Go hiking all the time with them? A hiking trail will have some great shots for a maternity shoot (for those with two and four legs alike).


Dog Front And Center (As It Should Be. Always.)

While this may not make the perfect announcement photo since you can't see a bump or any indication that she's pregnant, this is one of the most amazing dog photos of all dog photos. A picture like this of your dog should absolutely be included among your maternity shots. Look how happy she is that her mom is giving her a human sibling! That's pure joy right there.



Beautiful, understated, and perfect. The black and white really adds a nice touch, don't you think? Just the family all standing next to each other makes for a great shot. This almost looks like an album cover for music for dogs. Also, someone should totally make music for dogs.


The Sun Rises And Sets On You And Your Pup

This picture would be gorgeous with or without the sweet pooch, but I think it looks great like her dog is standing strong with her during this special time. The lighting is gorgeous, too. And what dog doesn't love the chance to go to a field?


Loving On Future Sibling

When I was pregnant, my dogs would constantly have to be touching my belly in some way — whether it was with their paw or laying their heads on my bump. I loved it so much, and though one of the beagles is definitely pretty jealous of the baby, the other one is so bonded to him and she thinks he's hers, I think. I wish I could have gotten a professional photo done of them like this, but I guess I have to settle for the Instagram pictures I took.


Relaxed And Informal

Though it may not have been for an official maternity shoot per se, I just love how relaxed, natural, and organic this photo is. What a bond and obvious love these two have for each other. And you can see her tiny bump in the middle of the love fest. Just beautiful and sweet.

Including your entire family in your maternity photos, four-legged and all, make for great photos that you'll cherish forever. Plus, they make great holiday cards for sure.