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9 Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of All Time That Will Honestly Never Go Out Of Style


One of the best things about Halloween (besides the candy, which is the actual best) is the creativity that's on display. I love seeing the amazing variety of costumes that kids of all ages show off. Every year it seems there's a couple of costumes that are directly inspired by current popular culture. But there are even more costumes that are totally timeless — you'll see tons of them every year, because they're just quintessentially Halloween. If you keep an eye out, I'm willing to bet you'll see all of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time when you're out trick-or-treating this year.

The most popular costume of each year obviously changes every year — you can find out which one was most popular the year you were born on Cosmopolitan. While there's not a single repeat among them, you'll see the same costumes again and again when you look at larger periods of time. NPR put together a five year look at the most popular Halloween costumes from 2009 - 2013 using National Retail Federation data, and classic costumes dominated. So what makes these costumes so popular? If I had to guess, I'd say that they're all instantly recognizable (no awkwardly explaining who you dressed as), easy to achieve (no pricey accessories needed to complete your costume) and largely unisex.

These nine costume ideas are sure to be a hit every Halloween, no matter how many times they end up being re-worn.


Glamour Witch Costume



Hasn't pretty much every girl dressed up as a witch at some point in their life? You can go basic (black dress, pointy hat) or go all out (wart on the nose, long black wig, cauldron) with this costume, and it's still going to look pretty awesome.


Fierce Vamp Costome


Vampires of all ages are everywhere on Halloween. Just add some fake fangs and you'll be ready to go.


Kids' Pirate Costume


Yarrr, matey. Pirates are a perennially popular costume for men, women, boys, and girls, probably because talking like a pirate is super fun.

4Black Cat

Black Cat Onesie



Black cats and Halloween go hand in paw, which is probably why you're bound to see at least one of these costumes at every Halloween party you go to.


Kids Batman Costume



Superhero costumes have been all the rage for years now, and Batman seems to be a perpetual favorite.


Superman Toddler Costume



Superman is right up there with Batman in terms of popularity. And remember, just because these costumes have "man" in the name doesn't mean girls can't wear them, too, if they want.


Kids Ghost Costume


Ghosts just might be the easiest costume of all time to put together: All you need is a white sheet with some holes cut out for the eyes. If you're not down with ruining a perfectly good bed sheet, however, you can always buy a ghost costume (probably for less than the price of a bed sheet).


Plus Size Nurse Costume


Party City

There are so many different ways to put a fun, festive twist on a nurse costume. You can go with basic nurse, sexy nurse, zombie nurse, evil nurse... the possibilities are endless.


Class Princess Adult Costume



Princess costumes are another perpetual favorite because there are so many different versions to choose from. You could pick a certain Disney princess and rock her iconic dress, or choose a real life princess like Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle, or even throw together your own ballgown and tiara to proclaim yourself the future Queen.