9 Questions I Have For The Mom Who Manages To Run Every Day

Moms are busy people. I don’t know a single one who says things like, “Wow, if only I had more hobbies to take up all this leisure time that I have,” or, “I’ve binged every show I’m interested in and feel completely up-to-date with all pop culture references.” So, because I live in a perpetual state "keep up," I simply don’t have time to do all the things I want to (and sometimes need to do) including but not limited to working out. This why I have some very specific questions for the mom who manage to run everyday.

I know, I know. Running is great for my own health and wellness and it’s super important and I’ll feel better and I’ll be setting an example for my son and I should just do it and make it a routine and blah blah blah. Believe me when I say, I hear you." However, when there are deadlines to be made and chores to be done and meals to be prepared and diapers to be changed, it’s hard to switch into the mindset of, “Hey family, I’m out. See you in a few.”

So, if any moms out there have this under control or simply just a loose grasp that still ends with you waking up in the morning and running an untold number of miles you know where to find me. I’m all ears, and eagerly awaiting your replies to the following questions.

"Can You Teach Me All Of Your Ways? Please?"

There’s some sort of trick involved, right? Like, are you a master of hypnosis and can leave your kiddos sitting still on the couch for twenty minutes while you sprint around neighborhood? Do you have a magic playlist that motivates you and helps you get out the door? Do you know how to stop time like some of our favorite '90s TV show characters? What is the trick?

"How Much Time Does It Actually Take?"

I’ve tried a few times since my son was born and, to be completely honest, it took me more time to find all my running clothes and gear than it took to actually spent outside running (I’m sure the fact that I’d just had a baby months earlier and was wildly out of shape contributed to this).

But seriously, once it’s part of your routine, how long do you really spend on it?

" Where Do Actually You Find That Time?"

OK, I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but I’m finding motherhood to be a constant exercise in time management. To know that there are people out there who manage to squeeze in what’s only ever a sad blank spot on my to-do list means that I surely have some room to improve. I’m listening.

"How Much Better Do You Actually Feel?"

Perhaps knowing the answer to this will give me the extra motivation I need. Or, perhaps it’ll make me insanely jealous of you. Either way, I’m really curious. And yes, I am looking for all the motivation I can get.

"How Long Did It Take To Get Over The Hump Of Actually Starting?"

I’ve been on Pinterest lately, so yes, I’ve seen the many, many stylized quotes about just starting and how a year from now I’ll wish I started today, and how there’s no time like the present. I’ve seen them, but, admittedly, I have not saved them as my desktop wallpaper, although I probably should. Please, tell me, how did you manage to go out on that first day and make it happen?

"How long Did It Take To Make It Into A Routine?"

So for the few times I’ve actually made it out the door, I’m sad to say the streak didn’t last. Sticking with it proved almost as tough as starting, and within a few weeks I was back where I’d started. For the moms who pushed past the initial interruption phase and simply made it part of their daily lives. So, honestly, what is your secret?

"How Does It Feel To Work Out In Your Athletic Clothes, And Not Just Wear Them To Target?"

I imagine it feels amazing. Like maybe wearing a prom dress to a prom or a wedding dress to a wedding, like you’re giving these clothes the chance to do exactly what they were meant to do. Clearly, you’re living your best life.

"Um, What Do Your Kids Do While You Run?"

I ask this purely for logistical reasons. My son is a 2-year-old toddler, so I’ve got quite a ways to go before he can be on his own for any length of time. I know there are some seemingly obvious answers here (a partner, a family member, child care, a jogging stroller) but because there are so many options, it’s hard to know what’s best and what will work for my little guy. And, of course, what will not involve soliciting favors from loved ones on a regular basis.

Bonus Question For Moms Who Use Jogging Strollers: "Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?"

Pushing a small person, or persons, around while you exercise is no small feat. Clearly, not all heroes wear capes.