9 Reasons Sex Is Hotter When You Forgot To Shave

What makes sex "hot" is, of course, relative. What turns one person on can be a complete turn off for another, which is why there really aren't any "rules" for sex, other than it should always be with an adult, always be consensual and it should always be safe. Other than that, the sky is the limit. So whether it's with one person, multiple people, a woman, a man, in missionary or some obscure position that doesn't have a name yet; what makes sex super hot is entirely up to you. Having said that, there are so many reasons why sex is hotter when you forget to shave so, you know, maybe put down the razor and give some stubble a try.

I know, I know; this goes against the patriarchal ideal. Women are "supposed" to shave, so that they look more "feminine" and cater to the socially accepted yet ultimately sexist standard of beauty. It's also definitely worth noting, that if you do shave, you're not a bad feminist or a slave to misogyny. Being "girly" doesn't make you a bad feminist and it definitely doesn't mean you've yet to get "woke." We all like what we like, and for some of us, that's shaving on the regular. However, when you normally shave and either take a break or forget altogether (and then choose to be intimate with a consenting partner) you may just find that this tiny change can translate to massive gains in the bedroom. Suddenly, you feel like a different person, with a newfound sense of self, all because you left your razor alone.

I, for one, experienced this first hand when I was pregnant and shaving wasn't necessarily an option. I mean, you try reaching your ankles with a gigantic belly in the way. At first, I was pretty self-conscious about my now semi-hairy legs because I, for one, don't mind shaving. However, after a few romps in the sack with my willing partner, I realized that having sex when you've forgotten to shave can be the best sex you've ever had. Seriously, ladies. Trust.

So, with that in mind, here are nine reasons why forgetting to shave makes sex that much hotter. Put down the shaving cream, back away slowly, and proceed to the bedroom in an orderly (or not so orderly) fashion.

You're In A Hurry

If you usually shave, and skipping a day or two feels awkward and uncomfortable, you might be in a rush to climax and call it a day. Sure, that might not sound romantic, but quick, to-the-point sex can be incredible and ridiculously satisfying. It's fun and animalistic and doesn't require deep, long-lasting stares into your partner's eyes that are sometimes great but, I mean, get on with it already. This kind of "hurry up" sex can be just as passionate as all-night love making, and nothing makes you realize that like forgetting to shave.

You'll Try New Positions

Again, if you're somewhat self-conscious about your hairy bits, you might feel the need to switch it up and try a new position or positions, so you don't feel so on display and vulnerable and potentially uncomfortable. If you feel like you need to get creative so your legs, armpits or any other part of your body isn't as noticeable, you might just end up in a new and incredibly satisfying position that will more than come in handy in the future.

You Feel Animalistic

Despite what the patriarchy has diligently (and successfully) told women, hair is healthy and normal and a very necessary part of the human body. There are plenty of useful, beneficial reasons for body hair; like protecting us from certain diseases, combating specific insects and regulating body temperature. Our culture has taught us that women choosing not to shave isn't normal, but honestly, it's the choice to shave that goes against what nature intended. So when you skip a day or two and feel more hairy than normal, you might just find yourself feeling like the animalistic sex goddess you are.

There's More Of You To Feel

Let's face it, skipping a few shaving sessions makes you just feel different; not only to yourself, but to your partner. There will be different sensations when you rub legs or bump uglies, and those sensations might just be something you didn't realize you or your partner were missing. Sex is all about self-exploration and experimentation, so why not try it sans shaving and see if it's something you're into, right?!

Maybe The Lights Go Off...

If you're feeling particularly vulnerable and don't want your partner to see your non-shaved parts, turning the lights off is always an option. When you can't see your partner(s), you must rely on your other senses, and sometimes that can be exciting and enticing and extremely pleasurable. When you're reaching out to touch an arm or a leg or some other body part that you can't actually see (but still appreciate and enjoy) you find yourself feeling things you may not have felt before.

...Or Maybe They Don't, And You Feel Free

Or maybe you find yourself with an "I don't give a f*ck" attitude, and having sex with the lights on and your shave-free skin is just freeing. If you're able to not only appreciate your body in its natural state, but make no apologies for it or try to hide it, you might just find yourself feeling more unabashed when it comes to sex. Maybe you'll feel more comfortable trying that one thing, or saying that other thing, or simply allowing your partner(s) to look at and take in your body, sans lights and hiding

You Feel Like You're Breaking The "Rules"

Let's face it, rules are meant to be broken. When you go against the patriarchy, even by accident, you can feel like you're that bad ass b*tch who does what she wants, devil may care. You're a rebel, breaking the rules and having sex like in high school when you had to hide it from your parents (maybe). It's fun and exciting because you're doing something that our culture has unapologetically labeled "taboo." Get yours, girl.

And It's Hot When Your Partner Says They Don't Care

Full disclosure: I have forgotten and/or just chose not to shave, plenty of times. Usually, I'm clean-shaven, as it's the state I'm most comfortable in. I don't think that shaving makes me a bad feminist and I don't think I should not shave, just to prove a point. However, when I am intimate with my partner and I haven't had the time or the patience to shave, it's a total turn on when he tells me he doesn't care. It's not that I needed his approval for validation, but something about my partner loving me at my rawest, most natural state (and when I feel the most vulnerable) is just, you know, hot as hell.

You Feel Like A Different Person

I, for one, feel different when I skip shaving. It's why, when I was pregnant, I tried to continue to shave for as long as physically possible, despite how difficult it continued to be. I didn't feel like myself, so shaving was the one connection I had to a body I no longer recognized. So, when I don't shave or forget to shave, I feel like another woman and that can be hot. It's almost like your partner gets the thrill of sleeping with someone else (and you get the thrill of feeling like someone else) without the cheating and deception and inevitable "Becky with the good hair" #Lemonade reaction. It's a win-win, basically.