These Movies On Hulu Are Almost Too Steamy For TV

While Hulu has plenty of original programming on the docket these days, many users still rely on the streamer for its reliable selection of movies for a cozy night in. Or — if you are looking for something a little more steamy, there are other options. I’m not saying you will find Hulu movies that rival those of the fuzzy late night HBO programming of your adolescence, but there are some sexy movies coming to Hulu in September that may help put you in the mood.

Because Hulu isn't on network or even cable TV, the streaming service has fewer limits on what it can and can't show subscribers. You won't find anything as spicy as what you'll get with a simple Google search on your computer, but sometimes all you need is a sexy thriller to get you ready to, as they say, get down. And there is something a little more thrilling about the chase in an R-rated movie than the obvious plot (or lack thereof) in movies like Pulp Friction or The Hills Have Thighs (yes those are actual adult films).

Whether you prefer a movie with sexy undertones, like The Portrait of a Lady, or you’re looking for something more overtly sexual in nature, like Basic Instinct, Hulu has you covered for the month of September.


Disturbing Behavior (Sept. 1)

Featuring a young James Marsden and Katie Holmes, Disturbing Behavior is Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets Stepford Wives. In a town where all of the teenagers are more sexually driven than seems normal, the teens are brainwashed one by one to behave in a more proper way. There aren't any explicit sex-scenes in this one, but that doesn't mean it won't get you hot and bothered.


Secretary (Sept. 1)

Before Fifty Shades of Grey was making you blush, James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal starred in the 2002 movie Secretary as a sexually domineering lawyer and his submissive secretary, respectively. If you’re looking for nudity and spanking in an R-rated movie, this one has them in spades.


Blown Away (Sept. 1)

Blown Away is up there with other ‘90s made-for-TV sexy melodramas like Poison Ivy, which hover somewhere between steamy and cringy. If you’re willing to accept a little second-hand embarrassment, which I am because I’m easy to please when it comes to movies and TV, then you can appreciate the sex-driven plot about a teenage girl who tries to convince her boyfriend to murder her father. Like I said, totally dramatic.


Basic Instinct (Sept. 1)

Sharon Stone might have moved on from her role in Basic Instinct, but some fans will always remember her for the iconic interview scene where she manipulated detectives simply by crossing and uncrossing her legs. The rest of the movie is so ~thrilling~ that at some point, I forget it’s also a murder mystery.


The Cooler (Sept. 1)

William H. Macy stars as a Las Vegas man with perpetual bad luck who uses that luck to influence other gamblers around him. Then, he falls for a waitress and as his demeanor changes from sullen and lonely to happy, so does his luck. It doesn't sound like the makings of a sexy movie, but if you can get over seeing a TV dad like Macy in some serious sex scenes, it’s another hot one to add to your watch list.


High-Rise (Sept. 1)

I’m not at all surprised with the amount of sexual debauchery High-Rise has, since it is a horror sci-fi movie about the deteriorating infrastructure in a high-rise apartment building. The movie is all over the place, but you can count on the overt sex scenes (and orgy!) to take you out of the fact that it’s also a pre-apocalyptic movie.


The Portrait Of A Lady (Sept. 1)

Sometimes, the promise of sex along with frequent sexual innuendos is all you need to put you in the mood. I love a good full frontal romp in a movie as much as the next girl, but The Portrait of a Lady is more about sexual tension and heavy petting. Somehow, it works.


Sliver (Sept. 1)

Sharon Stone also stars in this flick about a woman who moves into a luxury apartment building and realizes the tenants all harbor scandalous secrets. Obviously those secrets include sex tapes and penchants for voyeurism.


Aniara (Sept. 19)

Aniara is about a spaceship full of people on their way to colonize Mars who get knocked off course. What else is there to do as they float through space than fight and hook up nonstop?

If lighting candles and playing some Marvin Gaye is what gets you in the mood, I am all for it. I also totally understand why some of the more dated movies that got away with a lot for their R-ratings might not have aged well. But sometimes all I need is a good steamy movie and thanks to all of the sexy movies coming to Hulu in September, it’s easier than ever to find one that works for you.