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9 Things You Should Never Do After Sex

by Lindsay E. Mack

There are thousands upon thousands of articles offering advice on how to get someone in your bed. But what should you do when this advice succeeds? The surprising things you should never do to your body right after sex should also be common knowledge.

Sure, you probably know the ins and outs of birth control and important sexual health practices. And, of course, this is crucial information. But what you do right after sex can affect your health as well.

None of this is particularly shocking news. In general, it's a good idea to clean up, pee, and do everything in your power to avoid irritating your privates. But there are a few additional tips worth knowing, such as what type of soap is best to use in a post-sex shower and the one vaginal hygienic practice you should never try after sex (even though the tools are readily available in any drug store).

Overall, the post-coital time is meant to be relaxing, so avoiding these things will help you stay healthy and worry-free. Paying careful attention to your body, and treating it well, is really all you need to do. Hopefully your afterglow stages can be spent in peaceful reflection, not worry about that burning sensation.


Hop In A Hot Tub

The hot tub can serve as a great prelude to sex, but you might not want to dive in afterward. As noted in The Sun, getting into a hot tub right after having sex could leave your vaginal area more susceptible to infection. Maybe opt for a couple's shower instead?


Skip The Pee Break

You don't have to leap out of bed right away. But, as noted by Women's Health, it's smart to empty your bladder within an hour of sexual activity, as this may help eliminate bacteria from your system. It's worth the hassle to decrease the likelihood of a bladder infection.



Step away from the squirt bottle. Seriously, post-sex douching will not rinse away sperm or act as a contraceptive, but it may lead to infertility problems, as noted by Everyday Health.


Wear Tight Undies

For sleeping purposes, most sexy lingerie is not ideal. Bustle noted that you probably want to opt for cotton underwear or no underwear to allow your vagina to breathe. I mean, they've already done their job, so your fancy undies can take a rest now.


Skip Clean-Up

You don't have to do a full shower if you're not in the mood. But the same Bustle article noted that it's a good idea to at least pat things dry down there. Anything to lessen the risk of a yeast infection, right?


Wash With Scented Soap

A post-sex shower is always refreshing (and sometimes necessary). Gentle cleansers are fine, but scented soaps may irritate your area, as explained on Buzzfeed. Opt for a mild, unscented cleanser.


Discount Pain

Sure, getting extra rowdy now and then can cause some expected aches later on. But if you're regularly experiencing pain after intercourse, then this is not something to play off, as noted on the website for Oprah. Listen to your body and check with a doctor if the pain does not subside.


Go Without Water

Hey, it's thirsty work. Like any other cardio, it's a good idea to rehydrate afterward. Offer your partner a drink, too. Cheers.


Disrespect It

Your body just did some pretty amazing things. Take some time to honor it with self care practices or positive reflections. How wonderful is it to live in a body that possesses such potential?