9 TV Shows You Can Binge-Watch With Your Kid Is In The Room, Since Cursing Doesn't Always Fly

I fully believe in parenting with an open mind and not sheltering your children from the world, but there are some things that are best for your kiddos not to see. Like your favorite TV show where people routinely gouge out the eyes of the undead with arrows and have their intestines torn out of their bodies as sustenance for a zombie. But that doesn't mean the television has to be on Peppa Pig all day long. There are plenty of TV shows you can binge-watch around your kids. (But you're probably going to have to share your snacks.)

Chances are, your kid isn't going to be paying much attention to the TV. My own daughter rarely looks at the television unless Elmo is singing his mind-numbing, one-word songs. But that doesn't mean you can turn on Breaking Bad while your kids play with their Little People sets. Meth and murder? Not so great for little ears. But these nine TV shows are perfect for binge-watching, even if there's a kid in the room. Some of them may still sound risque, but they showcase some great lessons and can spark an important conversation in your home. The rest of them? Well those jokes will just go right over your kids' heads anyway.


'Modern Family'

Not only is the show safe for little ones to hear, but if they happen to look up and notice two men loving their daughter, you can have an honest conversation about how there are all types of families needed to make up our world.

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'The Flash'

Who doesn't love superheroes? If your kiddos are paying attention, they'll see one of the best DC Comics characters in live action.

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'Friday Night Lights'

If you're going to slip into a fictional town while your kid's around, it might as well be Dillon, Texas. Friday Night Lights tackles some big issues like racism, drugs, and abortion, but it's also full of family values and lots of feel-good moments.

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'Downton Abbey'

Trust me, with all of the early 1900s British language, your kids probably aren't going to look up once at Downton Abbey. But if they do, the class system will go right over their heads anyway.

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A great new show starring Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster, Younger really showcases the gap between 20-somethings and 40-somethings, meaning your kids won't see anything too terrifying.

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A modern take on The Cosby Show, Black-ish is perfect to actually binge-watch with your kids. It tackles some cultural issues and the mama is a doctor. Quality television for sure.

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'The Wonder Years'

One of my favorites, The Wonder Years is a perfect look into 1960s America and be a great history lesson if your kids are paying attention. (Plus the innocence of the show is too sweet.)

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'The Big Bang Theory'

Embrace the nerd culture by binge-watching The Big Bang Theory without your kids ever noticing. In fact, they'll probably love seeing some of their favorite superheroes and Star Wars characters get an honorable mention.

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'The Goldbergs'

Like The Wonder Years, this sitcom is a look into a 1980s family and will reference some of your favorite pop culture phenomena. Let your kids know just how old you really are as you binge on this great new show.

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