9 Ways To Celebrate Movember When You Can't Grow A Beard

Well, it's November, and chances are you know someone who's celebrating Movember, the month-long cause in which men grow out their facial hair to raise money and awareness for men's health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and physical inactivity. Sounds pretty fun, right? But as a lady with limited facial hair, you may be wondering how to celebrate Movember when you can't grow your own beard.

Well don't worry. Your participation isn't limited to encouraging your SO to celebrate Movember and suffering from scruff-related rashes. You can easily join a Movember industry challenge with your team of coworkers, you can attend some of the Movember-sponsored events, and you can always donate. But I've come up with nine other ways to celebrate Movember, and continue the conversation of men's health without donna a Fu Manchu. These fun ways can be shared with other ladies in your life, or you can invite all of the Movember-participating men you know to have a giant, mustache-themed get-together. Have a mustache contest, find the one that looks most like a cartoon villain that will tie you to the railroad tracks, and then gift them all with razors come December. And, of course don't forget to do your research and learn about all of the work The Movember Foundation is doing and how important it is. 


Pin on a Mustache

Just because you can't grow a mustache doesn't mean you can't wear one. The Etsy shop Williamson Wears has some adorable felt mustache brooches ($10) and they come in a variety of colors. Creepy in-the-process-of-growing-a-mustache stubble not included. Score.


Eat a Mustache Sandwich

I know. Sounds totally gross, but there's no hair involved. The Fred & Friends' mustache shaped crust cutter ($7) is not only an adorable way to show your Movember support, but it also cuts down the time you'll spend chopping the crusts off of your PB&Js.


Decorate Your Boyfriend's Beard

Look, if your man (or friend, father, uncle, cousin...) is going to grow out a ridiculous beard to support Movember, make sure he lets you do his part, too. Festive beard ornaments ($12 for 10) can really jazz up all of that facial hair and bring even more awareness to his beard and the reason behind it. Also, he won't be able to sneak up behind you in the kitchen and scare the mess out of you without giving himself away.


Sip From Mustache Straw

You're going to be drinking your water and iced coffee all day anyway, so why not don a mustache for Movember while doing so? The Etsy shop Angie Hearts Jared sells paper mustache straws ($6 for 25) guaranteed to cheer up your day.


Use Shaving Products That Support Movember

Carlsberg recently announced new shaving products made specifically for Movember that are infused with beer. Sure, you may not have much use for the mustache cream, but the shaving gel and the aftershave cream could be a nice change from the floral ones you're used to. Plus the rest of the products can make great stocking stuffers for the bearded fellas in your life.


Have a Tom Selleck Marathon

I mean, you can't celebrate epic mustaches without celebrating Tom Selleck, am I right? Invite your friends over, donate to Movember, and watch the Friends episodes featuring him as Monica's boyfriend, check out Blue Blood on Netflix, or go old school and watch Three Men and a Baby. Just get down with the Selleck-athon, OK?


Throw A Movember Party

There's no shortage of mustache-themed party supplies, so it's high time you threw a Movember party for all of your friends. Gift them with some mini shaving kits, have a bowl full of fake mustaches for the ladies, and play music from the spectacularly bearded like ZZ Top.


Play a Mustache Drinking Game

All you need is a fake mustache and alcohol to take on this fun game. Stick the mustache on your TV screen and turn on a favorite movie or show. Every time a character ends up with the mustache perfectly placed on their face, take a drink. Not only will you get a fun buzz, but you're going to laugh your *ss off seeing Hermione Granger with a mustache.


Take Your Own Shaving Break

If you shave, now's the time to give yourself a big break and make your showers last approximately five minutes instead of 30. Plus, you can keep yourself extra warm all November long.

Images: WavebreakMediaMicro/Fotolia; Williamson Wears, Angie Hearts Jared/Etsy; Amazon (2); Carlsberg/Instagram; Giphy (4)