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An Engagement Kicked Of 'The Bachelor' Season Premiere

There's nothing like a Bachelor engagement to kick off a season of roses and virgin jokes at Colton's expense. The whole point of The Bachelor is for the suitor himself to find a woman to propose to by the end of the season, so Colton hasn't popped the question just yet. Instead, a couple got engaged on The Bachelor premiere at a watch party. As far as Bachelor surprises go, it was bound to happen with the many different live watch parties hosted by members of Bachelor Nation, but it was still the perfect way to begin Colton's season of love and roses.

There were a few different live Bachelor watch parties being broadcast to the theater where Chris Harrison hosted the premiere event. At the one hosted by Jared and Ashley I., who got their own love story from The Bachelor franchise, a man stepped forward and proposed to his girlfriend. He explained that they bonded over their shared love of The Bachelor and that the first time they said "I love you" to each other was after watching an episode together. It was only fitting that they get to have their moment and despite being totally on the spot, his girlfriend handled it like a champ.

Depending on how the season goes, it could very well be the only proposal fans see from Colton's season of The Bachelor. When Colton spoke to reporters on Jan. 3, he said that although The Bachelor is meant to end in a proposal, that doesn't always have to be the case. "It’s typical to fall in love, and to find your person, to spend time developing a relationship and spending time on a relationship and on your personal life," he said. "And that’s exactly what I did."

To make things even more cryptic, Colton added, "I wanted to make sure that I did things my way, and I know that sounds sort of brutal to say, but because there has been a format to this show, and there has been success attached, for a reason, but everybody loves differently." That certainly sounds like he might have ended the season with a partner rather than a proposal. If that does end up being the case, the proposal on The Bachelor season premiere is that much more special.

Harrison was just as coy when he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently but he did admit that Colton is "happy with how he did as the Bachelor," and that he doesn't think Colton has any regrets about how his season was and the way it ended. I know that doesn't really give away much, but it could allude to no proposal and an in love but not yet engaged Bachelor.

If Colton doesn't propose at the end of the season, he won't be the first Bachelor to go against tradition. In fact, Alex, the first Bachelor ever, didn't propose to the woman he chose at the end of the season. More notably, Juan Pablo from Season 18 and his chosen contestant decided not to get married either but to instead continue their relationship outside of the show.

Later in the evening on The Bachelor season premiere, another proposal shocked viewers everywhere, so you know, no pressure or anything, Colton. Even if he doesn't get engaged by the end of the season, though, at least fans got to see a couple of proposals anyway. As long as the virgin jokes come to an end and Colton finds love with someone, I guess that's all that really matters.

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