I Would Die For This Talking Baby Yoda Plush (But Will Settle For Preordering It)

Look, the world is collectively ready to kill for Baby Yoda, which is why you've probably already preordered enough Baby Yoda merch for the entire country, but there's more. Now there's a talking Baby Yoda plush doll to add to your collection. Yes — it talks.

Hasbro announced a collection of four new Baby Yoda toys now available for pre-order, including a plush version of The Child "with character sounds and accessories." Although it is not clear what the adorable bug-eyed green creature will say, the sounds will activate when you squeeze him. If the indescribably charming look of Baby Yoda is any indication of how his voice will sound, you can pretty much guarantee it will be the cutest thing you've ever heard.

As for The Child's accessories, a "bone broth bowl and Sorgan frog" (you know, like the one he adorably stuffed in his mouth) are included with the talking 7.5-inch plush toy that retails for $25. Posable arms even give Baby Yoda the ability to give you a hug or let you reach his arms out as if he's using The Force. 11 retailers now have the talking plush Baby Yoda available for pre-order on their website including Amazon, ShopDisney, Target, and Walmart.

In addition to talking Baby Yoda, Hasbro announced three other new The Child toys set to be released spring 2020. A 6.5-inch action figure of The Child, 2.2-inch collectible figures of Baby Yoda in different adorable poses, and a 1.12-inch The Child figure as part of the Star Wars: The Black Series collection can all be preordered through the same collection of retailers.

Although you can place your order today, you won't actually be able to snuggle your talking Baby Yoda plush until at least mid-May. Both Target and the ShopDisney website list an expected shipping date of May 18, 2020. For fans who can't wait quite that long and don't care whether or not Baby Yoda will make any sound, you can pre-order an 11-inch plush The Child by Mattel with an expected release date of April 1, 2020.

Whether you can hold out to get your hands on the talking Baby Yoda or choose to go the sound-less route to get your plush doll a bit sooner, having a toy version of Baby Yoda in your life is a must for any Star Wars fan.