Actually Sexy Maternity Lingerie Pieces To Surprise Your S.O. This Valentine's Day


Just because your belly is now holding a bundle doesn't mean you can't be sexy this upcoming Valentine's Day — or any day for that matter. Yes, I know that's probably the last thing that appeals to you: wearing a tight, itchy, barely covering piece of clothing while your belly is about to pop. But there are so many clothing lines that offer sexy maternity lingerie options that will not only make you feel like a goddess, but are comfy as well. Oh, thank goodness!

Nighties are always a solid sexy choice, whether you're pregnant or not, and whether it's Valentine's Day or just any regular Wednesday. Or, try a sexy nursing bra with some booty shorts. Did I just say "sexy nursing bra"? Oh yes, I did. Trust me there are sexy nursing bras out there. You just need to know where to find them. Heidi Klum even has an intimates line with a maternity section too — even more reason to love her.

Your body has been through so many changes these past few months. Do something that's going to make you feel good. Yes you're pregnant and you might not recognize yourself when you look in the mirror, but that doesn't mean you still aren't a hot sexy mama. Embrace your new body, especially those boobs! So, trade in those leggings and put on something that's going to show off all your sexy new curves. Oh, and thank goodness for overnight shipping.

1Fire Engine Red


Beauty In Burlesque, $35, Nestling & Co

If you are an expecting mama, you got to check out Nestling & Co. Not only does this site offer comfy maternity wear, but they have stunning dresses and of course some sexy lingerie for those ladies who want to feel hot.

2Sexy In Silk


Joia Babydoll, $27, The Breastfeeding Den

Not only is this look under thirty, but this piece looks very comfortable considering its lingerie. And what you can't see in this picture is that the sides lace up, making this look extra sexy.

3Pretty In Pink


Luscious In Love, $35, Nestling & Co

Here is another hot find. If pink isn't your color, this comfy set comes in black as well — both versions will bring out your inner seductress.

4Push Up Polka Dot


Lollypop Nursing Bra, $65, Target

There are many reasons why we love Target, and this bra is one of them. Can you believe this is a nursing bra? Pair it with some sexy briefs or cheeky booty shorts to complete this look, and if you plan on nursing, you'll get plenty of use out of it even after your baby arrives.

5Boho Cover Up


Lace Maternity Dress, $7, Amazon

Pair this lace cover up with some sexy underwear, or maybe even no underwear, if that's the kind if mood you're in. This lace dress is not only pretty; it's versatile too. Wear it again with jeans and a cami, or over a simple strappy dress on your next night out.

6Sweet And Flirty Set


Silver Peony Nursing Bra, $70, HotMilk

This fun pink and white nursing set will make you feel flirty, and the fact that it's a nursing bra makes it even sweeter.

7White Angel


Bridal Maternity, $37, Nestling & Co

Although this is listed as a bridal set, the white is perfect for Valentine's Day, or any night, really. This night gown has this sweet innocent look to it, even if you plan on being anything but on Valentine's Day.

8Comfy And Cute


Rust Lace Bralette, $23, Pink Blush Maternity

Bralettes are not only trendy, but they are soft and comfy, too. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to feel a little sexier, but don't want to sacrifice any comfort, this is definitely the way to go.

9Elegant Mama


Zoe Maternity Bra, $54, Nine In The Mirror

Did you know that Heidi Klum has a intimates line? Well, she does, and of course it doesn't disappoint. Her maternity line is so elegant, any piece will make you feel like a queen.

10Ties Up Front


Ally Maternity Set, $45, Stella Maternity

This camisole ties up the front, giving off a sexy corset look. It's the perfect set to wear during any stage of your pregnancy.

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