Watch The Busby Quints Help Adam In This Exclusive 'OutDaughtered' Clip

Adam and Danielle Busby have their work cut out for them during Season 5 of TLC's OutDaughtered. As the quintuplets — Riley Paige, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate, Ava Lane and Olivia Marie — turn four, the reality star family must accommodate for their growing household. But it's not all scary, especially when everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. In this exclusive clip for the episode airing on Jul. 2, Adam puts the Busby quints to work on OutDaughtered. And yes, it's seriously the cutest thing you'll see all week.

After discovering a mold problem in their five-bedroom home, the Busby family decided to move into a temporary house. However, the transition isn't easy in the new episode, titled "New House, New Problems." The Romper exclusive clip begins as a frustrated-looking Adam disassembles a bedroom in the Busby's new temporary home. "The guest bedroom is the biggest bedroom upstairs and according to Danielle, it wouldn't be fair to give it to Riley," Adam explains in a confessional. "So now, every single bed needs to be moved out of every room and shuffled around. But if this is what Danielle wants, then this is what she's going to get."

While viewers can sense a bit of tension in Adam's voice, three fifths of the Busby quints burst into the room, and suddenly, everything is right with the world again. When Hazel asks their dad what he's up to, he responds, "You and Parker are going into the room over by Blake, OK? And that's where you're going to sleep from now on." And what happens next is almost too adorable.

Before the girls have a chance to get too distracted, Adam asks them to carry a few bed slats over to the next room. The girls happily agree and with words of encouragement — and supervision — from their dad, they work together to move the slats to their designated location.

"As much of a hassle as all of this is," Adam admits. "Having the girls come in and want to help is just so cute."

The clip continues as the girls ask to carry more things over. "How did you get so strong?" the Busby patriarch asks his daughters. "Man, you're like little ants."

Then in a confessional, Adam jokes, "I guess that is a benefit of having all these kids. You just put them to work."

Nevertheless, it's a good thing the quints aren't paid for their moving services. In the clip, the quints soon become preoccupied with other things — like bouncing on a giant pillow and watching TV.

"They can get distracted pretty quickly," Adam says as the clip ends.


Despite all the stress caused by the mold infestation and the temporary move in TLC's OutDaughtered, it looks like the Busby family is enduring all of it one step at a time. But if there's one thing I've learned from this clip, it's that this reality family is all in it together. And quite frankly, I'm so here for it.

OutDaughtered Season 5 airs Tuesday nights on TLC.