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Here's When ALDI Will Be Open On Christmas Eve, Cause It's Practically Here

Official announcement: Christmas does not begin at midnight on December 25. Contrary to popular belief, Christmas actually starts when the winter darkness settles in on the 24th and that fleeting feeling of actual magic fills you up. You know the moment I'm talking about: Everything gets a little more beautiful — the lights on the tree, the stockings, even the Elf you've had to move all month long — and you can't help but smile at your kids' innocent excitement as they whisper about Santa's impending arrival. The last thing you should be worried about is ALDI's Christmas Eve hours as the wonder of Christmas works its way through your house, so let's get that out of the way now.

Ideally, you'll be able to spend the entirety of Christmas Eve letting the indescribable joy of the holidays wash over you, but I wouldn't be surprised if you have some final preparations to get out of the way like gift wrapping or grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is arguably the more painful task; you have to leave your house, wrangle the kids into the cart and keep them entertained while you try to get everything on your list (if your partner or extended family can't watch them for you), and weave your way through the mass of shoppers who are all trying to get the goods for their Christmas feasts. At least you know how your local ALDI is set up so you can work your way through the necessary aisles as quickly as possible to get you out of the store at a record pace, but the chain (like most grocery stores) does have condensed holiday hours you should make yourself aware of before you head to the store.

ALDI will have "limited hours" on Christmas Eve according to the ALDI website, though what limited means exactly varies from store to store. You'll have to check the ALDI store locator to find out when the location closest to you will be closing on December 24, but you can expect most of the stores to be closing earlier than they usually do, as will be the case with the majority of grocery stores across the country. Like I said, it's common knowledge that Christmas actually starts on the night of Christmas Eve at the latest, so it makes sense most grocery stores will be closing early on the night before the ~official~ holiday.

ALDI will remain closed through the entirety of Christmas day and then reopen on December 26 with normal hours, so the shorter hours on Christmas Eve will be your last chance to get everything you need for all of your holiday meals, unless you plan on heading out for Chinese food or movie theater popcorn (my family's personal lunch choice on Christmas Eve). So make sure you look up your store's hours so you don't accidentally show up after closing, and if you don't want to have to go through the fuss of looking up the special hours of your ALDI store on Christmas Eve, you can always just get your shopping done a few days in advance. Do whatever it takes to get the most out of the holiday magic.

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