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These Grocery Stores Are Open On Christmas, Because You *Will* Forget Something

Holiday season is in full swing, which means so is all the chaos from traveling, gifting and cooking. If you're like me, you may need to do some damage control when it comes to prepping for the holidays. Taking inventory of all the ingredients you need, making a list of said ingredients and actually executing a successful trip to the grocery store isn't enough. There always seems to be something that gets forgotten last minute. But don't panic just yet, there are at least a few grocery stores that are open on Christmas in case you forget something amidst the chaos.

I swear there's something about the holidays that just bring my organization skills to McAllisters-at-the-airport levels. I mean, I wouldn't forget my kid at home alone while I jet off to Paris, but you never know, there's still time. Luckily, some of the biggest grocery and convenience stores know forgetfulness happens during the holidays and are kindly keeping their doors open for those of us who just need a last minute fill-in-the-blank. While so many grocery store locations are actually closed on Christmas Day, pretty much all of them are open Christmas Eve. But even if you find yourself in a jam on the big day — Happy Birthday, Jesus! — these locations have got you covered.



This grocery chain can be found in 15 states across the U.S. with open doors on December 25! So, if you need a last minute ingredient for Christmas dinner (or if you don't celebrate Christmas and just happen to do your grocery shopping on that day), you can head to Albertsons, which is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm on Christmas Day according to their website.


Morton Williams

If you're in the New York City area, Morton Williams is reportedly one of the stores that stays open during the holidays, according to Go Banking Rates. However, some locations might be open for limited hours, so make sure you check in advance.


Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid

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While not exactly your go-to "grocery" stores, it's good to know these dependable drug stores are open on Christmas Day, as Good Housekeeping reported, in case you leave any important items behind (or even worse, lose your luggage during your travels). We all know that always happens at the most inconvenient times. While many of these locations are typically open 24 hours, hours may vary by location on Christmas Day.



Hopefully not the place you'd go for all your Christmas dinner ingredients, but it's comforting to know you have the option to stop in for a Slurpee if you really need one. Hours may vary by location, so check your local 7-Eleven ahead of time.



If you're in Iowa, then you'll know this convenience store chain. Casey's is opening its doors at 10:00am on Christmas Day so you can get some last minute snacks, fuel or donuts for the crew.



What do you mean, Starbucks isn't a grocery store? You could, theoretically, get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert at Starbucks... not to mention plenty of sugar packets if you run out at home! Plus, they're almost always open on Christmas Day (although they may close early, so look up your nearest Starbucks ahead of time).



Again, this is technically a convenience store... but it's also a "food market," which is pretty dang close to "grocery store"... and according to Good Housekeeping, Wawa isn't just open on Christmas Day, but most locations will remain open for 24 hours.


Cumberland Farms

Okay, fine, this one is a convenience store, too. But Cumberland Farms is a convenience store that is open on Christmas, according to Country Living, and has things like milk, so good enough (plus, CH has been known to give away free coffee and hot chocolate on Christmas Day, as TIME reported).

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