Is Kroger Open On Christmas 2018? Better Check That List Twice Ahead Of Time

Everyone knows grocery stores are a nightmare on holidays. Inevitably, there will be three people fighting over the last pack of rolls on the shelf, or the store will totally run out of candy canes, leading to a mass revolt. I'll definitely be doing my best to get my holiday food shopping done a few days before Santa stops by, but I'm guessing I'll forget something (probably sustenance for the reindeer, poor things). Because of my forgetful tendencies, I'd feel better knowing if Kroger will be open on Christmas or not.

As it turns out, I'm going to have to make a list and check it twice just like the man of the hour, because I won't be able to get any forgotten necessities at Kroger on Christmas Day. Most of the grocery chain's locations will be closed on December 25, as Kroger Addict reported, like the majority of stores in America. However, each Kroger has different hours, so it's possible your location could be open (small chance, but still). Check your local store to be sure, but it's probably safest to assume you won't be able to pop into Kroger for anything you forgot for Christmas dinner.

I don't like that I won't have the option to run to the grocery store for another stick of butter or extra ketchup, but I will admit there is a big part of me that's glad the store will be closed. First, I'm obviously happy everyone who works at Kroger will get to spend the day with their families. Family time on holidays should be a given, not a luxury. Second, the Christmas closure forces me to prepare my holiday dinner more thoughtfully. I'll actually think about what I'm going to cook with my family more than one day in advance because I know I won't be able to grab everything an hour before dinner is supposed to be served. Who knows, my menu might end up being more creative and healthy thanks to the extra prep required. And finally, I'll be more present in the moment.

That sounds cheesy, but how can you focus on holiday magic when you're stressed about not having enough apples for the secret family cider recipe? Update, you can't. I mean seriously, this is how it will go down: Your brother will start whining if he doesn't get a glass; Aunt Mira will stage whisper to your mom, "I told you she couldn't handle hosting this year" leading to a lecture from mom and hours of eye rolling for you; and you'll be trying to explain that the kids didn't know they couldn't eat those apples and before you know it, you'll have missed the family Christmas picture. Does that sound like the magical Christmas you've been dreaming of all year? Didn't think so.

To prevent all that mayhem, just head to Kroger earlier in the week. You'll feel better knowing everything is already in the house, and the look on Aunt Mira's face when you bring out that extra batch of cider you had hiding in the garage will be totally worth it. Merry Christmas.

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