Aldi Now Has A Ready-To-Pour Mango Mimosa For $9 & I Need All The Bottles

Summertime brings with it blue skies and sunny weekends perfect for sipping cocktails poolside. But when I'm busy chasing my kids around to slather them in sunscreen, rarely do I have time to mix up a delicious drink that I can enjoy while my husband takes a turn as designated parent at the pool. Thankfully, the new Aldi Mango Mimosa is here to save my summer. With no mixing required, this $9 bottle is a cost-effective way to enjoy perfectly portioned mimosas straight from your own fridge.

Last spring, Aldi debuted a classic orange juice version of their bottled mimosas, and let's just say that life has never been the same. The grocery store chain, known for low prices, double seater carts (lookin' at you mom of two under 2⁠ — been there, done that), and plenty of products that make our lives tastier, has since released multiple flavors of our favorite brunch cocktail. In addition to the traditional orange juice concoction, Aldi added pomegranate juice and pineapple juice variations to their lineup of boozy bottled drinks. And now, they're coming in hot with an all-new mango flavor just in time for all of your favorite summer activities.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Available starting June 19, Aldi's Mango Mimosas will set you back less than a ticket to a 3D movie, and the shades you're going to rock while enjoying it in the summer sun will be decidedly cooler. For just $9, you and a few friends can share a bottle while you lounge on a giant unicorn float, or you can pour yourself multiple glasses while escaping reality for a few precious moments on your front porch after your kids hounded you for snacks all summer day long.

Aldi's Mango Mimosa is made from "fresh mango juice with premium dry white wine" according to the product description on Aldi's website. So, while it's not the fizzy, bubbly champagne mimosa you might be thinking of, it's still sure to give you all the brunch time vibes. The premium dry white wine ingredient is the same as is listed on the description of the orange version of the cocktail, which has had several rave reviews on Twitter, so I would expect no less from the mango-flavored rendition.

According to a report by Bustle, Aldi's Mango Mimosas aren't the only new alcoholic drink you can get your hands on this summer at the grocer. On June 26, Aldi is set to drop a Mar-Go-Rita Wine Cocktail for just $5, and a rosé sangria boxed wine for $10, according to Bustle. Personally, I can't wait to try their take on a pre-mixed margarita. It's reported to be made with wine instead of tequila, which means I'm less likely to overdo it when sipping the spirit on beach days this summer.

While the retailer has stores in most states, not all of Aldi's new summer cocktails will be available at every location, as not all locations carry alcoholic beverages. Before you head out to your local store with your heart set on Mango Mimosas, be sure to check their store locator to determine whether or not your Aldi carries beer and wine.

Mimosas may be easy to make yourself, but honestly, when you can save time and spend the same amount of money (maybe even less) for a bottle that is ready to grab and go straight from your fridge, why not do it? On my next Aldi run, I'll probably be grabbing two. (Or three, because who's counting?) Thanks, Aldi for making my life, and the lives of parents everywhere, easier and tastier this summer and always.