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Fans Should Keep An Eye On These A.D. Suspects

As Pretty Little Liars draws to a close, the list of suspects for A.D. has somehow only grown longer. While some fans are certain they know who A.D. is, there are also those who feel like they still don't have a clue. There's been a lot a theories over the years, with fans gathering clues from the show and the cast, and at this point fans just want to know who A.D. is once and for all. However, there's still four more episodes left in the show, so it'll still be a little while before all is finally revealed. Until then, I've provided a list of all the A.D. suspects on Pretty Little Liars to help you decide for yourself who's the mastermind behind the mask.

Think you know who A.D. is for sure? See if they made the list below. Don't have any idea at all? Maybe these suspects will inspire you to come up with your own theory. While there's definitely certain suspects that seem more likely than others, there's a reason why all of these candidates have made the list. Whether they have a grudge against the Liars, are insanely suspicious, or they've been mysteriously absent, these suspects are the ones to keep an eye out. Check them out below.

Melissa Hastings

Melissa has been missing for a while now and while the claim is that she's in London, it's totally plausible she's actually been in Rosewood terrorizing the Liars this whole time.

Wren Kingston

Wren has always been a little suspicious and fans suspected him of being "A" before it was revealed it was Charlotte. It doesn't help that both Wren and Archer Dunhill are British, which has led many fans to speculate they're possibly related, or at least connected, somehow. Maybe Wren has been pulling the strings all along.

Spencer's Twin

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Though there's been no concrete evidence of Spencer even having a twin, fans are sure she exists and that she's A.D., which may be short for Avery Drake, according to Reddit user prettylittleangry.

Jason Dilaurentis

Jason's always been a little sketchy and as Reddit user narcissablack03 points out, Aria has always gotten off easy when it came to A.D., which may be because of Jason's feelings for her. Plus, A.D. did want to find Charlotte's killer, which is something Jason may have wanted also as well.

Mike Montgomery

Along the same lines, if Mike is A.D., it'd also explain why Aria's been let off the hook so many times in the past. Also, Mike has been M.I.A. in Rosewood for a while now, but before he left he did have a bit of a troubled past. Still, Mike got the help he needed and it's difficult to find a connection between him and Charlotte, but then again, you never know with this show what connections are lurking beneath the surface.

At this point, it still seems like anyone could be A.D. PLL fans will just have to keep watching to find out the truth.