Matt holding Amber From 'Married At First Sight' while she is wearing her wedding dress

Amber From 'Married At First Sight' Isn't Holding Back About Matt

by Kathleen Walsh

If you watched Season 9 of Lifetime's Married at First Sight, there's a good chance you have some strong feelings about Matt and Amber. While Matt has been hereby canceled forever, concerned viewers might be wondering what's up with Amber from Married at First Sight now, if she ever got together with her friend Raven who is clearly her soulmate, and if she ever plans on speaking to her ex-husband again. In an email, Amber tells Romper exactly where her life is now, and while I wouldn't say there are no hard feelings — I can say for sure that she has moved on. Cue the Lizzo music.

All the participants on Married at First Sight sign up to be matched by a team of relationship experts to a total stranger — who they then legally marry without even knowing so much as that person's name before meeting at the altar. The experts in charge of the experiment contend that beautiful marriages can grow out of mutual respect and a commitment to the union. After eight weeks of marriage, the couples decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. In fact, a surprising number of couples throughout the show's nine seasons are still together and even have kids.

Matt, however, didn't ever seem that interested in being married or giving his relationship with Amber a real shot, which leads one to wonder why he signed up in the first place. Matt would often disappear from their shared apartment for an entire night without telling Amber where he was going, and a few people told her they had seen Matt out with other women. And though the couple had been physically intimate and Matt said he was trying to make the marriage work, his actions told a different story. Amber says even his demeanor was consistently cold towards her.

"He was basically never home unless cameras were there," she says. She also says she "questioned Matt's integrity and sincerity quite a bit."

Now that the show is over and the couple is happily divorced, however, Amber is moving on with her life. And no, she doesn't keep in touch with her ex.

"As much as I have tried to be cordial with my exes, Matt's inability to have emotions and compassion for others causes me to not be able to keep things cordial with him," she tells Romper, adding Matt was angry with her for apparently dragging him on national television.

The tension between the two was perhaps never more obvious or uncomfortable than on the reunion show. Amber said Matt "hated" her, which he denied, and Matt said he knew within 15 minutes that he didn't want to be married to Amber, saying only that their personalities seemed to clash. This was also the first time the two had seen each other since divorcing.

Now, Amber says she is dating, but nothing serious. The only man in her life is Lenny, her 6-pound Chihuahua, though many fans of the show were seriously shipping Amber and her friend Raven, who also applied to be Married At First Sight but wasn't matched. The two have been friends since childhood and people couldn't help but speculate they were secretly soulmates. Sorry to disappoint, but Amber maintains she and Raven are like siblings and will never be romantically involved. "That would be very awkward for us," she says.

As for Amber and the other castmates on her season of the show? Their friendships have a happier ending. "The girls have become my best friends! Iris and I hang out a lot, and we're planning a trip to Tulum [Mexico] for November. We also plan to do a girl's trip out to California to see our girl, Beth," Amber says.

Amber didn't find true love on Married at First Sight, but walking away with a good group of girlfriends might be even better.