You'll Want To Open The American Girl's Countdown To Christmas Set All At Once

The only thing better than Christmas morning itself is the sweet, sweet anticipation of it. Have your kids started asking "How many days until Christmas?" yet? It's coming! This year, American Girl is making the wait for Christmas morning even more fun with their Countdown to Christmas Set, a glittery box with 12 doors to open up on each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Behind each door is a brand new surprise for your child (and, of course, your child's American Girl doll) to enjoy.

Spoiler alert! If you're a parent who loves the surprise of each day's mini-gift as much as your child, I'd stop reading now. I'm including a full list (and pictures) of the treats in store. If you want to know what exactly comes in the Countdown to Christmas Set (and, of course, what you're spending $40 on), proceed!

The countdown starts 12 days before Christmas, according to the American Girl website. In my family, there was always a disagreement about when to start on these calendars. Should you open your last door and receive the last surprise on Christmas morning? Or should you open it on Christmas Eve, when there is truly one day left to go? I personally think the last door should be opened on Christmas Eve, considering there are plenty of other gifts to open on Christmas morning. Have your little ones open the first door of their Countdown to Christmas set on December 13th, and let the fun begin!

So, what are the surprises in store? Each gift is a doll-sized present for your child's American Girl doll, "including festive accessories, mini activities and pretend treats." The AG website lists the Countdown to Christmas Set's contents as:

  • A sparkly snowflake garland with ribbon loops for the doll to hold
  • A red elastic headband with a satin bow
  • Cozy knit mittens with a snowflake pattern that appears when the doll’s hands are together
  • A holiday card with golden foil print and a red envelope
  • 30 stickers for decorating the card
  • A golden doll-sized ring
  • A mug of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream
  • A white fleece scarf with a golden embroidered snowflake
  • A peppermint lollipop with a handle the doll can hold
  • A miniature ornament filled with pink glitter
  • A felt stocking with a golden embroidered star on the cuff
  • A Holiday Fun mini activity book

According to reviews, the pink, decorative box that everything comes in is sturdy and beautiful in person. Prop it up on your mantle, under the Christmas tree, or on your dining room table to use it as festive decoration all December long. If your kids are trustworthy, you could even use it as decoration in their bedroom. I personally would've peeked if this was left in my room as a child... but hopefully your kids are more patient than I ever was! Your children will absolutely love waking up and finding a new surprise each day — and these surprises are much longer lasting than the little chocolates in typical Advent calendars.

You can purchase this year's American Girl Countdown to Christmas Set online for $40, or check your local store's availability if you're lucky enough to live near an American Girl Doll outpost. If you're eager to get your hands on this set for Christmas, I wouldn't wait. Though I'm a fan of enjoying Thanksgiving thoroughly before even thinking about Christmas, these countdown sets are likely to start flying off the shelves as Christmas gets closer. Purchase it now, tuck it away, and surprise your child with an early Christmas gift 12 days before the real thing!