10 Christmas Countdown Clocks To Get You In A Festive Mood

No matter how old I get, I will never stop counting down the days until Christmas. Having little ones in the family only make the days and weeks leading up to the holiday even more exciting, too. So if you really want to keep track of how many days you have to endure until Christmas, here are a few Christmas countdown clocks to get you in a festive mood and are perfect for displaying in your home the entire month of December.

There are several great reasons why displaying a Christmas countdown clock is a brilliant idea. First, it's exciting! Who doesn't get giddy as Christmas creeps closer and closer? Second, it's your constant reminder to get your Christmas shopping done. It might seem like you have plenty of time, but that clock will remind you how quickly the days are ticking by. Finally, this clock is the perfect way to get your kids to stop asking, "How many days are there until Christmas?" It's sweet that they're looking forward to it, of course, but look at the clock, kid.

There is something magical about bringing your Christmas boxes out of storage every year, unpacking trinkets, and setting up your holiday decor that you only get to see during this special time of year. And the following Christmas countdown clocks are the perfect additions:


Christmas Countdown Faux Clock

Christmas Countdown Faux Clock, $150, Etsy.

This wooden, handmade clock from Etsy vendor WildHorseTimber is beautiful. The clock measures two feet in diameter, and is a festive yet neutral piece to add to your mantle or wall for the month. Note that this piece takes three to four weeks to ship, so order it in plenty of time to receive it by December 1.


Christmas Advent Clock

Christmas Advent Clock, $20, Etsy.

I love traditional Christmas colors, but even those can be overdone. This red advent clock by Etsy vendor GoodToGogh is festive without being obnoxious, and I love the subtle sparkles. It comes with the wooden easel to prop it up on your kitchen counter or side table, and you'll receive it by December 1 as long as you order by November 27.


Days Until Christmas Snowflake Advent Clock Countdown

Days Until Christmas Snowflake Advent Clock Countdown, $40, Etsy.

Another gorgeous wooden countdown clock, but this one is much cheaper than the first. Made my Etsy vendor ArtsyArti, this pine wood clock comes in 15, 18, 24, and 36 inch sizes. Plus, it can be customized with different finish colors and font choices.


Christmas Countdown Clock

Christmas Countdown Clock, $30, Walmart.

Doesn't this countdown clock from Walmart look like something that could've been passed down from your grandparents? I love this one for hanging in a game room or your child's room.


Vintage Christmas Countdown Blocks

Vintage Christmas Countdown Blocks, $20, Etsy.

OK, this technically isn't a clock... but I loved it so much I had to include it. This Christmas countdown from Etsy vendor DaisyBlossomCreation would look perfect sitting on a mantle, a bookshelf, or even displayed as a table centerpiece.


Advent Wood Clock

Advent Wood Clock, $55, Etsy.

These elegant wooden clocks are clearly my favorite. This one from Etsy vendor Woodlovesigns comes in two different sizes, two different designs, and three different stains, so you can customize it to perfectly fit with your home and decor.


Hanging Christmas Countdown Clock

Hanging Christmas Countdown Clock, $11, Etsy.

How precious is this hanging fabric countdown clock by Etsy vendor NayworthCottageCraft? I love the idea of hanging these in your kids' bedrooms so they can keep track of the days, or "sleeps," until Christmas themselves.


Snowman Countdown to Christmas Wall Hanging Advent Calendar

Snowman Countdown to Christmas Wall Hanging Advent Calendar, $40, Etsy.

Who wouldn't want Frosty's sweet face counting down the days until Christmas morning? This homemade sign by Etsy vendor gr8byz is made-to-order, with all pieces cut and painted by hand.


Gerson Christmas Wood Holiday Countdown Snowman

Gerson Christmas Wood Holiday Countdown Snowman, $24, Amazon.

How adorable is this little Christmas countdown clock from Amazon? Place it on your bedside table (or your child's!) and move the hand each morning when you wake up.


Christmas Inflatable 7' Countdown Santa Airblown Decoration

Christmas Inflatable 7' Countdown Santa Airblown Decoration, $72, Amazon.

OK, wait, hear me out! This seven-foot inflatable Santa isn't exactly elegant, but it's not actually in your house... and therefore won't cause any eye soreness. Right? Plus, the neighborhood kids will love seeing the days go down as they walk past your house! Yes, it's a little out-there, but Christmas is the perfect time for that.