American girl truly me with unicorn rainbow hair
April Daniels Hussar/Romper

There's Now An American Girl Doll With Unicorn Hair & She's *So* Cool, OMG

In 2015, American Girl embraced children's desire for personalized dolls by launching its Truly Me collection. Formerly known as My American Girl, the line gives kids the opportunity to craft a doll in their own image with different combinations of eye, hair, and skin color, along with a variety of clothing options. So far that's been limited to naturally occurring hair colors, but to honor those children who dare to be different, American Girl's Truly Me collection now includes rainbow-haired and purple-haired dolls.

Available now, the two new 18-inch Truly Me dolls were added "to provide even more opportunities for a girl to express herself and bring home a friend who brings out exactly who she is," a press release from American Girl reports.

Truly Me #88 has "blue eyes that open and close smoothly, pastel multicolor hair that can be styled, and light skin, with a soft cotton body and a movable head and limbs made of smooth vinyl." A blend of pink and teal, her long hair has a sort of cartoon mermaid look reminiscent of pop star Katy Perry.

Meanwhile, Truly Me #86 rocks a powerful violet mane and has "brown eyes" and "medium skin."

Both American Girl dolls are priced at $98 and are sold, like all the dolls in the line, in printed dresses with “mesh hems, a zip-front moto jacket, and glittery flat shoes." Both dolls also come with a paperback book called Friends: Making Them & Keeping Them. The book, by author Patti Kelley, includes true stories, quizzes, craft ideas, and advice for kids ages eight and up. So your own American Girl (or boy) can celebrate their own uniqueness while playing with a doll that looks just like them.