Amy Duggar reveals her mom helps out with raising baby Daxton.
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Amy Duggar Sweetly Thanks Her Mom For Babysitting Daxton Every Day

by Gillian Walters

Amy Duggar is a very busy lady these days, having just given birth to her son, Daxton, amid juggling various business projects. Duggar's hectic schedule has led some fans to wonder how she manages to do it all, which is a fair question given her seemingly breezy Instagram feed. In response to the curiosity, Amy Duggar opened up about having help with Daxton, while explaining why she's not "superwoman."

As Duggar mentioned before giving birth to Daxton on Oct. 10, her husband, Dillon King, is in the midst of opening a restaurant in their hometown of Arkansas. In addition to this venture, Duggar manages her own clothing store, 3130. It's a lot for anyone to handle, especially a new mom, so it's understandable some people want to know more about her daily routine with Daxton.

Of course, Amy has a co-parent and partner (not helper!) in the form of King, who she married in September 2015. And in conjunction with the couple, Duggar's mom, Deanna Duggar, also lends a helping hand. Duggar revealed in an Instagram post shared Monday that Deanna — aka Jim Bob Duggar's sister — comes over at 8 a.m. every day to watch Daxton for three hours.

"Everyone has sent me messages asking me, 'Amy, how do you do it all?! You make motherhood look so easy!!'" she prefaced the piece of information. "Although I appreciate those compliments I'll be honest with ya...it takes a village! I'm not a superwowan, and I definitely have help!"

Duggar then touched on her routine after her mom arrives at the house, sharing, "My mom comes and takes care of Daxton for 3 hours in the mornin! She comes at 8am opens my bedroom door with a big tall glass of water, and my hand held pump!"

She continued, "She takes Daxton while I work on my freezer stash! I wash my face, brush my teeth and then I eat oatmeal and hop back into bed!! Without those extra 3 hours of sleep I don't think that I could function the rest of the day!"

It's unclear how long this routine will go on for, but Duggar said it all started because she takes the late night feeding sessions at 4:30 a.m., giving King the chance to focus on opening the restaurant. And, it goes without saying, but Duggar is eternally grateful for her mom's support. "So mom, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate everything you do! Daxton loves spending time with his Nana!" she wrote.

The former reality star also took a beat to compare her mom to the late "Grandma Duggar," writing, "It's so sweet to see a special bond you 2 already share! You remind me of someone... someone that we both lost. it's something that's very hard for me to talk about but there is a resemblance there and I love seeing it."

There's no shame in having help as a parent, whether you have a full-time babysitter or drop off your child with a loved one for an hour or two. And good on Duggar for acknowledging how important is to have someone in your corner when you're going through a life change.