Amy Schumer now has a phone number for her fans to text her.
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So, Guys, You Can Actually Text Amy Schumer Now

Amy Schumer is so relatable, funny, and down-to-earth, don't you kinda, sorta wish you could just text her like your own BFF throughout your day? Well, good news guys, you can do just that. Yep, Amy Schumer has a phone number for fans to text and she actually responds. Excuse me while I add her digits to speed dial...

Having a celebrity's phone number seems like a far-fetched notion, right? After all, many celebrities prefer keep things like that as private as possible, all things considered with the whole fame thing, and having their phone number leaked to the public could result in some serious chaos. But it seems like Schumer is fine with that, though in a much more controlled manner, as she explained in a video that she now has a dedicated phone number for fans: 917-970-9333.

"I now have a phone number where people who follow me on social media can text me and I will write you back," she said. "I will also update you when I am in your town and I'm really excited. I wanted to have a more personal experience with the people who like me and that sounds super creepy, but I do mean it."

After making her announcement on Twitter and Instagram, Schumer — who welcomed her first child, a son named Gene, with Chris Fisher, last May — posted screenshots from a few conversations she's already had with fans on her Instagram Story.

"Hi Amy, I've just finished breastfeeding my newborn. I'm about to go to sleep, yayyyyyyyy!" one fan texted her, to which Schumer responded, "congrats! get that sleep mami!!!"

"Truly excited since I am speech and language pathologist and work a lot with folks/kids/parents with autism! We have a LOT in common," another fan texted Schumer, who responded: "thank you so much for texting. my mom is a speech and hearing therapist for the deaf."

Schumer isn't the first celebrity to allow their fans and followers to text them. For example, according to The New York Times, celebs like Diddy and Sophia Bush have all invited people to text them with a similarly fan-dedicated phone number.

While many fans have clearly, and excitedly, tried texting Schumer with this new number, some have pointed out that the "mailbox is full." But, hey, it's still a worth a shot! Just think of the possible convos you could potentially have with Schumer. Though she's not sharing photos of her son anymore on social media, you could ask her about going back to work after maternity leave or just gush about your kids, like she has done often with her own baby boy over the past few months.

If you do decide to text Schumer, keep in mind that you are giving your number to a service called Community. Texters are asked to provide their first and last name, gender identity, birthday, city, and an optional email once you text her. By providing this information, you are consenting to receive personal messages and automated text alerts from Schumer, who may let you know when she's in your city or even send you a video on your birthday.

Hey, even if she doesn't respond right away (or ever), having the Amy Schumer in your contacts is still pretty dang cool.