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Amy Schumer's Breast Pumping Instagram Post Is As Real As It Gets

I never knew how much I needed Amy Schumer to be a mother until she became a mother and now it is obviously my favorite thing ever. Why? Because she tells the truth about being a new mom in a way that appeals to me and feels very familiar. Eerily familiar, in fact. Ever since giving birth to her first baby with husband Chris Fischer on May 5 she's been sharing juicy tidbits about that super cool new mom life and each one is better than the last. For instance, Amy Schumer's breast pumping Instagram post is about as real as it gets and might have thrown me into some recovered memories of my own breast-pumping days.

The Trainwreck actress and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, are busy figuring out their new normal in the days after welcoming baby boy Gene Attell Fischer to the family. Or as Schumer put it in a pregnancy announcement post, their "royal baby" was born. She was obviously referencing that other royal baby born to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex called Archie (who, not for nothing, is really falling behind in his social media game if it's a competition, and I want it to be).

Gene has already become a tiny, serious-faced, frequently dozing social media star.

As sweet as all of Schumer's posts featuring little Gene might be, her most recent post doesn't include the baby and it's probably my favorite. Schumer shared a photo of herself pumping breast milk with the caption:

Guys what are we doing tonight? #schumerpump #OOTD #stassischroeder

As most of you probably know (but I didn't until I Google searched), #OOTD stands for outfit of the day and this obviously makes Schumer's photo even funnier. Especially since Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder responded to Schumer's shout out on her wall:

An OOTD for the ages.

Schroeder wasn't the only fan to appreciate Schumer's new outfit of the day. One fan took to her Instagram wall to note that, while Schumer might have been kidding, her pumping bra is actually pretty stylish:

My first thought is that is a very stylish pumping bra.

This isn't the first time Schumer has gone glam for the sake of a parenting Instagram post. On Mother's Day she shared a photo of herself in the hospital presumably sitting on the toilet with the caption:

Milf alert 1 o’clock

Of course we all know that there is genuine joy and love and happiness to be found in becoming a mother. But there is also a whole lot of mess and exhaustion and body change stuff going on here too.

And if I'm going to be honest here, the messy bits are funnier. Maybe because I've been the mom on that toilet with a rat's nest in my hair and I've been the mom trying to pump breast milk and wondering what the cool kids were doing that night.

This is the reality of being a mom for many of us. Now we have Amy Schumer to be a spirit animal.