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Andy Cohen's Baby Shower Was Basically A Drama-Free 'Real Housewives' Episode

Aside from the moment that you get to meet your little one, perhaps the most exciting part of preparing for a new baby comes at your baby shower. Being surrounded and doted on by loved ones, everyone focused on your coming addition to the family; that's about as good as it gets. That's why Andy Cohen's baby shower was basically a Real Housewives reunion, and the massive turnout is proof of Cohen's sizable support system.

On Saturday, Cohen was showered with love by his closest friends and Bravo's biggest stars at The Palm Beverly Hills, as People reported. Along with a lengthy list of housewives, Cohen's bestie John Mayer was there to show his support for dad-to-be. Everyone gathered around a long dinner table adorned with golden flatware, white taper candles, and white and blue flowers, according to TMZ. Behind the table was a wall of white flowers, along with a star made of blue hydrangeas. The theme of the big event, "A Star Is Born," appeared on the three-tier gold and white cake.

Cohen posted photos to his Instagram page thanking his loved ones for the support. “I’m speechless. Every Housewife, featuring @JohnMayer,” he captioned one photo, showing the large turnout.

Another photo from the special day was a close-up of a few of the party guests, with a caption thanking them for the party:

Thanks OG’s Kyle, Vicki, Nene, Ramona & Teresa for hosting a party like no other. And @brucebozzi, the Palm Beverly Hills is now an iconic stop on any Housewives Tour. It’s the Room Where It Happened.

The fancy table wasn't just for decoration, though. It was covered with tasty treats including Chinese chicken and lobster cobb salads, salmon with mango salsa, filet mignon, chicken paillard, grilled asparagus, fried potatoes, spinach, and grilled polenta cakes, according to People. Guests had three choices of desserts: key lime pie, crème brûlée and chocolate chip cookies.

The dad-to-be wore a baby blue suit, alluding to the sex of his baby. He announced earlier this month that the baby is a boy. "It’s a boy. It’s a boy,” he said during a Jan. 2 episode of his telecast, as Bravo TV reported. “It’s a boy and I got to tell you something, I cannot wait to meet this boy.”

Cohen has reached the final countdown until his bundle is ready to head home. His surrogate is reportedly six weeks from her due date, according to TMZ. Suffice it to say, dad is ready. Along with the announcement of the baby's sex, Cohen looked back on the path that led him to fatherhood:

When I was growing up and when we were growing up… I just never thought it would be possible as a gay man to grow up and have a family. And then here we are in 2018, almost [2019], and anything’s possible. And I’m so grateful to a wonderful surrogate that I’m working with.

He went on to explain in the same segment that while he may be becoming a parent later in life than most, it is the right time for him:

By the way, by the time it became possible, I was kind of having too much fun in my life to say, ‘I don’t think I can do this right now.’ But here I am, I turned 50 this year. It takes some people longer to get to that place. And it took me that time.

Bringing a child into then world can be scary. But having a support system makes all the difference when it comes to adjusting to the changes. If the baby shower is any indication, Cohen and his baby-to-be have plenty of people on their side.