Star Wars animatronic The Child (baby yoda) toy is available for pre-sale

Giggling Baby Yoda Is *Finally* Available For Pre-Sale & It's Definitely Selling Out

With Star Wars fans (myself included) still recovering from the recent trailer drop of The Mandalorian Season Two, Baby Yoda toy requests are about to enter hyperspace. My son watched the trailer with me and immediately started singing last year’s earworm “Baby Yoda Baby Baby Yoda”, so, naturally, I know what he’s going to be begging for under our Christmas tree this year. I hesitated earlier this year when Hasbro released its epic Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition. But now that "The Child" is available for pre-order on Amazon — and sure to sell out faster than you can say “This is the way” — the time to act is now.

Quick refresher for all of you not eat, sleep, and breathing all things Mandalorian (Psst: season two releases on October 30): “The Child” isn’t just a tiny toy Yoda. It’s a coo-ing, moving Baby Yoda complete with adorable ear wiggling that’s guaranteed to elicit all kinds of “Awwws!”

To make Baby Yoda do his darling moves, all a child has to do is pat his head and the figure comes to life. Designed for children ages 4 and up, "The Child" is easy to activate and will giggle, open his eyes, and move his arms in response. You can even put his necklace in his outstretched hand.

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And, as a plus for parents looking to lure their kids into taking a nap, with The Child Animatronic Baby Yoda, you can make rest time a party for two. This Baby Yoda needs to nap as well. That’s right, he requires Force Naps to regain his strength. Simply lay “The Child” toy down and it will close its eyes and catch some Zzzs. (If only kids were that easy.)

"The Child" won’t start shipping until December 15, but you can pre-order now, and you definitely should as this is bound to be one of, if not the, hottest toys of the year. If you're a Prime member, you can get yours within a day or two of the mid-December ship date — just in time for Santa to sneak this little guy in his sleigh.