Alex & Juliette's Relationship On 'Siesta Key' Has Been Messy This Season

Siesta Key is and will forever be all about the revolving door of relationships. Alex has gone through almost all of the main female cast members and although things seem to be on the up between him and Juliette, that could always change. And since the show was filmed months ago, fans might be wondering if Alex and Juliette are still together after Siesta Key. Cara, another ex of his, just re-entered the picture and if he develops new feelings for her, he could cheat for the upteenth time.

To his credit, he did assure Juliette that his feelings for his college girlfriend are long gone, but this is Alex we’re talking about. He has become known for cheating and hasn't been the poster child for healthy relationships during both seasons of Siesta Key. Right now, it looks like he has remained faithful to Juliette and there’s a chance they are still together outside of the show. However, the last time Alex posted a photo of the two of them together on his Instagram was May 2018 and although Juliette has posted pictures with Alex and the rest of the cast, there are no recent posts of just the two of them.

This could just be a strategic social media move to keep fans guessing until the end of the season, but it could honestly go either way right now. It also doesn't help that Siesta Key Season 2 has not been kind to their relationship.

Although Cara was brought it by Chloe, likely to to stir the pot a little more than Chloe already does on her own, she made it clear that she’s over Alex. But, as Juliette told her, just by being around, it’s a hazard to her already rocky relationship with the resident playboy. I don't think Cara’s intent is to break anyone up, but Alex has never seemed like someone who stays in a relationship for long. Although it’s all speculation at this point, he and Juliette could very well be split right now, outside of the show.

Alex and Juliette have been off and on for a long time and although they seem to be "on" right now on Siesta Key, they are having issues. Namely, Alex’s penchant for calling Juliette names and claiming that she might be dating him for his money. In a recent episode, he was quick to hold over her head the meals he bought for her and the fact that he filled her car with gas when it was needed. It was honestly a little petty if you ask me, but this created yet another fight between the couple who have already had some highs and lows this season.

And despite Cara insisting that she has no interest in Alex, she chimed in on the issue herself in the episode. "If it wasn't for his money, they would not be together," Cara said.

It’s hard to say for certain where Alex and Juliette stand now, especially if they don't want to give away their relationship status until Season 2 finishes airing. But Juliette’s recent Twitter likes might be an indication. She recently liked one post that said, "So like I’m ready for @juliettep0rter to find a boyfriend just as rich and more attractive that actually treats her right."

Another tweet that Juliette liked said, "Just remember, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy." This could mean that he and Alex are broken up. Or, at the very least, that they are on a break wherein Alex gets to play the field because he’s Alex and that’s when he does.

In a perfect world, all of the Siesta Key relationships would be successful and no one would have a wandering eye. But it probably wouldn't be Siesta Key if that were the case.