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Evan & Morgan Could Be More Than A 'Temptation Island' Hook Up

Temptation Island is a dangerous game. Couples can potentially give up long-term relationships for people they meet on the show and leave with someone else. I know the couples expect some of what they are getting themselves into when they go on the show, but for Evan and Kaci, that could still mean a big change. After Evan took a liking to island single Morgan and vice versa, fans were wondering if Evan and Morgan are together after Temptation Island and it seems like, at the very least, Kaci and Evan broke up.

It’s still unclear of Kaci and Evan stay together during the season finale or if they go their separate ways, but right now on Instagram, you would hardly know they are a couple or used to be one. There are next to no pictures of the other one on either of their Instagram accounts. Instead, they have both been posting photos taken from dates with other people on Temptation Island. I guess that’s par for the course if you are part of the cast of a reality TV show, but it is still pretty suspect. And if Evan and Kaci broke up, there’s a good chance that Morgan and Evan are now together.

I know there’s only so much you can properly surmise from social media, but this is the age we live in, where social media gives us clues about pretty much anything we want, TV-related. Morgan and Evan follow each other on Instagram and he has liked some of her photos, which could be a big red flag that they are more than just a former Temptation Island fling. Maybe they just kept in contact to remain friends, but I highly doubt that the couple with arguably a lot of heat between them would just end things, especially if Evan and Kaci really did break up.

Earlier this season, Evan did say during an episode that he would be willing to try things out with Morgan, despite his current girlfriend being on the show with him. And Morgan was equally as interested in dating Evan exclusively. "It definitely feels like Evan is my boyfriend," Morgan said on the show. "Everything's, like, great right now. I can't even think of another word but great."

That might not be enough to say that Evan and Morgan will soon be hearing wedding bells, but right from the start, they seemed like a promising couple this season. That’s not the best news for Kaci, but if it took going on the show to realize that she and Evan weren't the best match after all, then it might have been for the best.

The whole point of Temptation Island is to test your relationship and, really, test yourself. I think if one of the people who are coupled up go off and make a connection so strong that they hook up with one of the singles, that means they are as good as broken up with. Maybe that’s not necessarily the case with Kaci and Evan, but Evan and Morgan did hook up this season and seemed like they were even more into each other afterward. If their sexual chemistry and overall interest in each other is any indication of a future together, then Megan and Evan could still be together after Temptation Island.

There is the off chance that Evan and Kaci broke up after he caught feelings for Morgan and that he and Morgan didn't work out either, but right now it’s all speculation. The good news is that after tonight’s finale, all will finally be revealed. If Morgan and Evan are together now that the show has finished filming, fans will know soon enough.