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Lyle & Catherine On 'Southern Charm Savannah' Have Been Through A Lot Together

Season 1 of Southern Charm Savannah began with stars Lyle and Catherine reuniting after years of dating long distance. Because of all the time spent living apart, Catherine felt it necessary to figure things out before taking their relationship to the next level. Lyle, on the other hand, wanted to propose to Catherine right away. But now, over a year later, are Lyle and Catherine from Southern Charm Savannah engaged?

After Catherine turned down Lyle’s proposal at the end of Season 1, Season 2 of Southern Charm Savannah picked up right where they left off. And once again, it was hard to hear Lyle pleading with Catherine to marry him while she tried to speak from a place of reason. And so far this season, they’ve been very hot and cold with each other.

The couple have been back and forth for most of the season so it's hard to tell whether they're together or not. At the moment, they seem broken up on the show. But who knows if their breakup stuck? Fans no doubt want to know if Lyle and Catherine are engaged or broken up for good.

When Catherine turned down Lyle’s proposal at the end of Southern Charm Savannah Season 1, it wasn't because she didn't love him. As she explained to him at the time, it was because they had a lot to figure out about their future together as adults before taking that big leap. But Lyle was crushed and what followed was a series of arguments between the couple that spilled into Season 2.

"When you have a long distance relationship, it’s not the same as having a relationship where you live in the same city," Catherine said in the Season 2 premiere. "For me, it was important to have our little courtship together in the same city and really talk about things… I told him I wasn’t ready. So when Lyle proposed, I felt like I was betrayed. I feel like he was almost setting himself up for failure."

Filming for Season 2 is over, so in real time, it's hard to say if Lyle and Catherine are even together, much less engaged. In February, Lyle did post a photo on Instagram of himself, Catherine, and Lous all together on a boat. If it was a very old photo, then it doesn't really give anything away, but if it’s more recent, then there’s a chance that Catherine and Lyle worked things out before Season 2 finished filming.

Recently on The Morning Toast, Catherine said that all will be revealed by the end of the season. But she did give a little insight on the proposal rejection and her relationship with Lyle as a whole. She was also not wearing an engagement ring, but that could be a red herring since the season hasn’t finished airing just yet.

"[Marriage] was one of those things that we had talked about several times together," she explained in the interview. She said that after she and Lyle were finally living in the same place after years apart, it was a stressful time as she’d gotten used to living on her own and having her own routine. And just a few weeks later, Lyle proposed. "So in the seven weeks leading up to the proposal, we had talked about it. You know, we need some time to have a normal life and really figure things out without the show."

Unfortunately, Catherine also said that she couldn't give away any clues about her current relationship status with Lyle. But she did seem to justify the intensity of their relationship by explaining that they’d been together on and off throughout the years and had dated other people at times. So while they both seem pretty mum on where they now stand, I’d say it’s a possibility that Lyle and Catherine are back together. When it comes to an engagement, however, I don't think Catherine is going to be budging on that right now. Then again — I could be wrong.