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Nick & Bella's Relationship After 'Big Brother' Is Going To Be Dead On Arrival

by Chrissy Bobic

Nick and Bella had their ups and downs in the Big Brother house, but when she was evicted, their showmance was put to the test. To be fair, a few weeks together cut off from the outside world probably feels like a lot longer, so it wasn't a surprise when Nick and Bella were talking about being together once Nick was out of the Big Brother house too. But without Bella there, it didn't take long for Nick to seek physical comfort in the arms of other female houseguests. So are Nick and Bella still together after Big Brother?

Nick is still in the jury house until the Big Brother 21 finale airs, so they haven't officially broken up yet. But because of Nick’s penchant for snuggling and potentially hooking up with other houseguests, I’d say Nick and Bella are done and it’s probably for the best. Less than three weeks after Bella was sent packing from the Big Brother house, Nick was seen cuddling in bed with Analyse on the live feeds and back home, Bella didn't miss a thing.

It doesn't look like anything beyond cuddling went down between the two houseguests, but Bella tweeted about it, saying that she could "no longer support Nick and his actions" and that "no one deserves to feel second in a relationship." They were already as good as broken up.

Bella then tweeted another screenshot from the live feeds and said that she and Nick could talk about his actions in the house when he got out. On Twitter, Bella continued to keep up with Nick’s behavior toward Analyse and seemed to get increasingly annoyed at how close they had gotten in her absence. Analyse was also rumored to have been in a low-key showmance with Jack, so I doubt anything major happened between Analyse and Nick. But they had gotten physically closer and Nick said on the feeds that he wondered if Bella would get upset with him. Spoiler alert: she was upset and it likely ended their relationship.

If Nick’s flirtmance with Analyse didn't contribute to the downfall of his relationship with Bella outside of Big Brother, however, then his time in the jury house definitely did. In a recent jury segment on the show, Nick and Kat got awfully close. When producers asked Nick if he and Kat had hooked up in the jury house, he all but confessed to it. While he didn't come out and say that they were actively hooking up, it was the general consensus among fans and, as to be expected, Bella wasn't happy.

After the jury segment aired, Bella tweeted a video from the episode and added, "I really don’t understand the purpose of this." I’m not sure if she meant the jury segment itself, which showcased Kat and Nick's potential romance or the fact that her two former housemates could be shacking up behind her back. Either way, it seems like Bella is done with Nick and after the Big Brother finale airs, they will have a lot to talk about.

There is the off chance that Bella and Nick could get back together once he is back in the real world and they are no longer stuck under the same roof with the same people. But after his actions in the Big Brother house and then in the jury house, Bella might not be interested in hearing anything Nick has to say for himself. And honestly, I can't really blame her at this point.

The Big Brother 21 finale airs on Sept. 25 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.