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Are Vanessa & Tiffany Twins On 'Big Brother'? Some Fans Think A Twin Twist Is Occuring

While the first big twists of Big Brother 18 have been putting the new houseguests into a tizzy, there has also been focus on the fact that two of the new houseguests, Paulie and Tiffany, are both siblings of former players. But Tiffany Rousso in particular has been getting all sorts of attention for her likeness and similar mannerisms as her sister, making fans wonder, are Vanessa and Tiffany twins outside Big Brother? Fans and the houseguests of Big Brother 18 are already speculating about Tiffany, and even going so far as to claim that she and her sister are twins or, yes, the same person. But no, Vanessa and Tiffany are not twins. And unfortunately, as amazing of a twist as it would be, they are not the same person either.

The important thing is that Tiffany is already gaining so much attention on Big Brother 18 simply by naturally having the same looks and emotional attributes as her older sister. Of course, it's not fun to have your fellow houseguests (I'm looking at you, Da'Vonne) being paranoid about your honesty and very existence, but that's the price you pay when you're related to a Big Brother veteran. And look and act just like them.

Tiffany and Vanessa Rousso aren't twins, but they are just over one year apart, share the same ability to involuntarily turn on the water works at the drop of a hat, and would basically look identical if their hair colors were the same. But they are sisters, after all, and it's totally normal to have similar mannerisms as your siblings, especially being so close in age and basically growing up as a unit.

It also doesn't help any when Tiffany is walking around with either a beanie or a bandanna on at all times, given that her big sis Vanessa was known for her green beanie love during Season 17 of Big Brother. If the houseguests don't catch on, Twitter certainly has.

As of right now, Tiffany is definitely her own person, which is all well and good. Vanessa made it to third place in her season, so lets hope she can use some of that close sister telepathy and get Tiffany far in Big Brother 18.