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Ashley Graham Documented Her Seriously Impressive Prenatal Workout

Some people look at pregnancy as a time to take a break from exercise and those people are me. As soon as I was pregnant I was like, here is my excuse to not exercise ever and bad news, it turns out this is not actually all that good for you. It turns out that getting a little exercise during your pregnancy has a whole host of benefits, sort of like exercise in general but slightly different. Ashley Graham knows this, of course. In fact, Ashley Graham's prenatal workout is seriously intense, as she documented in a recent video on Instagram. She is clearly loving, too, which is making me question all of my life choices.

The Sports Illustrated model and her husband of nine years, filmmaker Justin Ervin, are expecting their first baby together later this year. The excited parents-to-be announced they were going to have a baby back in August when Graham was already a few months along, surprising and delighting fans who have come to love Graham for her body positivity activism and down-to-earth and lovely sense of humor.

Since their pregnancy announcement, Graham has been sharing a whole host of gorgeous, glowing bump photos with her followers on social media. A nude post-massage photo in St. Barth's, for instance, or a gorgeous bikini bump pic from that same holiday. And more recently she shared a video with a different kind of glow... the kind that comes from getting sweaty at the gym.

In the video Graham shared on Instagram on Monday, she is being coached by her personal trainer Kira Stokes as she works out her upper body with cable pulls, getting good and sweaty and staying super focused with her baby bump on full display.

"It's a lifestyle," Graham captioned the post And I don't know about you, but now I feel even worse about my inertia.

Stokes also posted shots of the rest of Graham's workout on her own Instagram Story, according to PopSugar. And let me just say, it's not for the faint of heart. Graham isn't kidding when she says it's a lifestyle.

Not only is Graham's prenatal workout impressive, it also solves the mystery of whether or not she was able to find maternity leggings that work for her workouts. At the beginning of September, she reached out to her 9.6 million followers on Instagram for a little help. "Need pregnancy workout pants that go above my belly and are durable! And I want fun colors!! I have plenty of black...," she captioned the post.

Her leggings are black in the video, but I guess a girl can't have everything can she?

In all seriousness, Graham's approach to prenatal exercise is very healthy. What To Expect When You're Expecting notes that regular exercise will help reduce backache, bloating, swelling, and constipation during your nine months. It will also help to boost your mood, energy, and improve your posture.... and let's never forget that regular exercise can even make labor easier. Who doesn't want that?

As with everything else she does, Ashley Graham clearly knows how to tackle pregnancy her way. With a positive attitude and plenty of exercise.