Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Baby Updates To Keep You Going While They Ghost On Social Media

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff of TLC's Little People, Big World just made a seriously bold decision. The adorable parents of baby Ember have decided to take a break from social media, which pretty much never happens unless you're Taylor Swift and you're just trying to build momentum for your next album/snake gif. While the family takes a much-needed breather from entertaining us with beautiful family photos, let's enjoy the latest baby updates from Audrey and Jeremy Roloff. Because we won't be getting any more for the foreseeable future.

Ember Jean Roloff, so named because of her parents' love of campfires, was born on September 10 of last year. Her parents shared a video message with fans a few days after her birth, where Audrey admitted that she hoped her name would inspire her to be a "fiery" girl, and Jeremy was awed by the experience of watching his daughter come into this world. Since her birth, the couple have peppered their Instagram accounts with smiling pictures of the family, and fans have naturally loved it. But there's a darker flip side to that coin, unfortunately. Audrey has been targeted by ruthless mom-shamers from the outset of Ember's birth, and Jeremy has seen his fair share of criticism as well. Which could account for their recent decision to take a break from social media.

Audrey shared in a post on Instagram on Friday that the couple would be backing away from social media for a break:

We're not exactly sure how long, but we need to unplug for a bit. I saw a quote the other day that said, "Almost anything will work again if you unplug it for a minute or two. Especially you." We need more than a minute though... so I'm signing off for a few weeks in order to give undivided attention to writing our book and being with our baby girl.

I can't say that I blame Audrey; she's been shamed for wearing ripped jeans to a check up with Ember's doctor, for sharing a picture of her daughter laying on a blanket that wasn't ironed, if you can believe it, and Jeremy was even shamed for this sweet video. Because he tickled his baby girl, and I guess that's torture now. Trigger warning: you're about to see a video of a baby giggling as her father tickles her, it might be upsetting.

The couple said they are taking a break from writing their book, but I feel like mom-shamers (and tickle-shamers) might have ruined it for the rest of us. Now we will have to wait weeks to see more pictures like this:

The latest update on baby Ember prior to her parents' decision to leave social media was her six month check up. Audrey shared a picture of the "chunky baby" on Instagram, and celebrated her success with breastfeeding after a difficult start in the caption. She also noted that she wasn't calling out anyone else's parenting decisions, almost like she was waiting to be criticized or something...

Breastfeeding is a blessing, but I understand that it’s not always a choice. Rock on mamas🤘🏻don't compare your story to mine or anyone else's. "Consider it joy" for wherever God has you on your motherhood journey.

As the couple takes time away to work on a book, which they also revealed is their next big project, and spend time with Ember, maybe their critics will take a little time off to reflect. To consider the fact that these people do not have to share their lives with fans, that they choose to put themselves out there and it can't always be easy.

And don't pick on them because then the rest of us won't get to see any more pictures of the baby at the pumpkin farm.