Cover of "Will You Help Me Fall Asleep?", book by Anna Kang
Courtesy of HarperCollins

Author Anna Kang Will Help Your Kids Fall Asleep

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Anna Kang and illustrator Christopher Weyant are a wife and husband team behind many picture books. And Anna Kang has been reading many of their books for Operation Storytime. (You can find more readalouds by following the #OperationStorytime hashtag across social media)

And the books Kang is choosing to share of perfectly reassuring for this difficult time.

An emotive little frog and two best friend bears star in these readalouds. While we maybe just want to read silly or escapist books, there's something so nice about acknowledging "You might be having trouble falling asleep," and "you might feel a little afraid." These books are still plenty fun, but they're also relatable and sweet. And Kang is a wonderful storyteller.

So head over to her YouTube channel to check out more.

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