Authors & Illustrators Read Their Books For Operation Storytime Week 2!

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The reality of distance learning and homeschooling might be setting in and some of the world's most generous, talented, and delightful authors and creators are keeping the goods rolling on #OperationStorytime across social media. There's a little something for all the little readers in your abode this week, and the list just keeps growing.

Nothing says "we're all in this together" like a massive internet readalong. Finally, a dose of screen time without the guilt. (But, really, cut yourself some slack on screen time, parents; it's really fine!) Romper put out a call back a week and a half ago (74 years in pandemic time) for authors and illustrators to do us all the honor of performing their works, and this week some new authors and illustrators are jumping in the mix. Step right up, we've got books for every reader! Books on raccoons and squirrels and foxes, bears and llamas and lions! Even some non-animal books about girls who love pink and girls who wield swords.

And if any of these titles strike your fancy do the authors and indie bookstores a solid and order them from a local indie.

Laurel Snyder Reading Hungry Jim

Author Laurel Snyder is back for more on week two. And it's always a good time for a cat cameo. This story is dark and funny, and we are here for it. Check out her YouTube channel for more where this came from!

Find Laurel Snyder on Instagram and Twitter.

Tara Lazar Reading Her Books On Instagram

Tune in on Instagram every day this week to read a new book with author Tara Lazar.

Find Tara Lazar on Instagram and Twitter.

Marcie Colleen Reading From Her Series Super Happy Party Bears

If you'd like to join a super happy book club, Marcie Colleen has you covered. She's reading excerpts from her books, which feature really happy bears who are living in the Grumpy Woods.

Find Marcie Colleen on Twitter and Instagram.

Anna Kang Reading I Am (Not) Scared And That's (Not) Mine

Anna Kang is a prolific author of picture books and you can head on over to Instagram to find more books where this one came from! Her You Are (Not) Small series is adorable and reassuring.

Find Anna Kang on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Christian Heidicker Reading From Scary Stories For Young Foxes And Thieves Of Weirdwood

Objectively, Scary Stories For Young Foxes is one of the best spooky books of all time. The author Christian Heidicker has put together a fun (and spooky) author visit! Part 2 of the Young Foxes reading is here and you can find a playlist with all the parts on his YouTube channel. And get a sneak peek of an excerpt of his latest novel.

Find Christian Heidicker on Instagram.

Dashka Slater Reading Escargot

The author matches her little French snail. It's freaking adorable. That's not even mentioning the French accent.

Find Dashka Slater on Instagram and Twitter.

Jonathan Stutzman And Heather Fox Reading Llama Destroys The World

You get the author and the illustrator on this one! Cool! Plus, this is one of the funniest, zaniest books ever. Romper was totally into this book from the start.

Find Jonathan Stutzman on Twitter and Instagram and Heather Fox on Twitter and Instagram.

C.E. Miller Reading Racoon Sick Day

A reassuring book about illness is truly a balm right now, and Christine Miller is a reassuring storyteller whose character Raccoon has had a lot of adventures to check out.

Find more Raccoon goodness here.

Kristen Balouch Reading Mystery Bottle

Author and illustrator Kristen Balouch shares a tale of mail and loving relationships that exist even when the people we love aren't near. It's perfectly lovely.

Find Kristien Balouch on Twitter.

Victoria Kann Reading From Her Pinkalicious Series

Pinkalicious fans can tune into Instagram or Facebook live to hear the author Victoria Kann read from her many, many, many books.

Find Victoria Kann on Instagram and Facebook.

Brian Biggs Reading Tinyville Town: I'm A Librarian And Bike & Trike

Brian Biggs is another author back for week two of #operationstorytime. Check out his Instagram for more storytimes and illustrations!

Find Brian Biggs on Instagram.

Grace Lin Demonstrating How To Draw A Dog From Year Of The Dog, Plus! Reading From Her Books

Excited for Mulan? Grace Lin has a book for that! She's posting excerpts from her books as well as some art tutorials. Follow her YouTube channel for more!

Find Grace Lin on Instagram and YouTube.

Jess Sanders Reading Love My Body

A celebration of bodies of all shapes, sizes, and ability? Permission for girls to take up space? Advice on showing yourself some love? Yes, please! Show this one to the girls in your life, and absorb it yourself, because, you're beautiful, you know?

Shannon Doleski Reading From Mary Underwater

Middle-grade author Shannon Doleski's debut book publishes April 7, and she's giving readers a sneak peek by reading the first few chapters (one a day) as part of Operation Storytime. It's about a girl who is obsessed with Joan of Arc and who builds and pilots a submarine across the Chesapeake Bay. Cool!

Fine Shannon Doleski on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Matthew Swanson And Robbi Behr Reading Everywhere, Wonder

This husband-and-wife team seem to have a lot of fun making books together. (In fact, they've made a lot of books!) Here you get to read their book Everywhere, Wonder with their commentary on the process, including some basics of book production!

Find Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson on Instagram and YouTube.

Barbara McClintock Reading The Five Forms

Would any kids relate to the idea of getting a lot of exercise while in their rooms? They might like this book. And parents who feel like they're living with a bunch of wild animals will, as well.

Find Barbara McClintock on Instagram.

Scott Magoon Reading Breathe, Teaching A Drawing Lesson, Answering Questions

Scott's Studio Storytime is truly the content we need. Breathe is his second storytime. If you want to check out his first, it's The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot. Go ahead and give his channel a subscribe, because I think there's more content where this is from!

Find Scott Magoon on Twitter.

Kate Messner Reading How To Read A Story

Well, prolific children's author Kate Messner sure has picked the perfect book for Operation Storytime. Other authors, take note! Sidebar: Kate has been leading the charge with making sure book readings are accessible to children during the school closures. Brava, Kate!

Find Kate Messner on Twitter.

Danny Ramadan Reading Salma The Syrian Chef

A cozy and warm tale for troubling times. Salma is a Syrian refugee, and when she sees the stress their new life places on her mom, she goes to great lengths to put a smile on her face. Ramadan speaks about the immigrant experiences and the beautiful Syrian mosaic motifs in the illustration.

Find Danny Ramadan on Twitter.

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