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Baby Archie Enjoyed Views Of South Africa's Table Mountain During His Feedings

Although their first royal tour as a family of three is over, some details about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's trip with 5-month-old Archie are now just coming to light, including info about how they pulled off parenting in a new country while also getting lots of stuff done. One fun fact that has since come out? Baby Archie's feeding sessions in South Africa took place in a room with a gorgeous view of this South African landmark.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as the Daily Mail reported, brought along their little one as they took on an ambitious agenda, all the way from Prince Harry walking the same land mine fields his mother once did to introducing Archie to Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The power couple also delved into such issues as entrepreneurship for the continent's young people, protecting young girls in South Africa, and the legacy of Apartheid, as the royals' joint Instagram shows.

So it's understandable with all of the meetings and what not, Markle wanted a relaxing spot for Archie's feedings. And according to royal reporter Omid Scobie, the Duchess of Sussex chose a spot with a breathtaking view of South Africa's most iconic landmark, Table Mountain. That's because , Markle and Archie (at least for part of their trip) stayed at the British High Commissioner's Residence, "a beautiful estate with a beautiful view of Table Mountain," Scobie described on the The HeirPod podcast, in a discussion shared on Oct. 7.

"Apparently Archie would have his feed looking out through window at these incredible views," he added.

And although some might assume Markle selected the location to amuse the baby with picturesque scenery, anyone who has ever sat and fed an infant knows you need something to look at as you're basically trapped there on a glider. But trapped in the best way, of course — taking care of this precious bundle who you'd give your life for, but who is also the reason you can't get up and go to the bathroom for, like, an hour.

To be honest, this sweet detail makes me appreciate the Duchess and Duke of Sussex even more. Watching them as they make a real difference in the world while also handling diaper duty has made them way more relatable, and details like this one reiterates that vibe.

Furthermore, just like any couple with a baby, the royals solved the problem of how to make Archie feel at home during the trip by bringing his fave toys from home. "Meghan and Harry brought all his home comforts with him, I heard there were a lot of toys there that they'd bought with him," Scobie said on his podcast, according to The Sun. "Just all the things that make him feel like he hasn't gone anywhere, because you want to keep him comfortable the whole time."

With the family back in the United Kingdom, no doubt they they're in the process of unpacking and getting Archie back on a regular routine while in a new time zone (good luck, guys). And if the couple ever gets stressed out during this time, they can think back to the gorgeous views of Table Mountain.