Prince Harry, Baby Archie, and Meghan Markle
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Baby Archie's Raccoon Coat Is Sold Out, But You Can Get One Of These

by Cat Bowen

By now, you've probably seen the candid photo of Prince Harry and Archie from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's official Instagram. In it, Archie maintains his max-cute influencer status by sporting a mini Boden raccoon parka and shearling booties. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, baby Archie's raccoon coat is sold out, but there are several similar coats that are just as cute.

First spotted on Twitter by Royal watcher Lizbeth SS, the raccoon coat features ears and mask on the hood that aren't visible in the photo but we all hope for a snapshot of baby Archie with the hood up in the near future. (Although, I'm not sure we "of the public" are ready for that level of adorable.)

Judging by this photo, Prince Harry and Megan will likely be dressing Archie far differently from the more buttoned-up style of Prince Harry and Kate's children. Perhaps it has to do with the line of succession, or perhaps it's just the personalities of the parents shining through. While I don't think that baby Archie will be completely spared of wearing short pants, I do think that the influence of an American mom who grew up far-removed from British Royal style will be heavily favored. Either way, this outfit was astonishingly adorable, and I can't wait to see what the little dude will wear next.


This Adorable Raccoon

This coat is made from cotton, and comes in toddler and preschool sizes. At $14, it's a real steal, but make sure that you follow the size guide exactly. This version has adorable striped sleeves and cute pointy ears on the hood which just scream for your own royal-worthy Instagram session.


A Sturdy Fleece

This looks basic, but if you take a closer look, you'll see that the construction is beautiful. The buttons are really cute, and the pockets kill me. What's a baby going to put in there? A pacifier? Goldfish crackers? (Likely both.)


A Bunny Jacket

Yes, this is spendy, but it's handmade, and could definitely become an heirloom piece. The floppy bunny ears are almost too precious, but the floral inserts save them from that fate. I also love the cut of the front of this jacket, because it's so different from everything else I've seen.


A Heavier Coat

This handmade jacket is absolutely stunning. It's heavy enough for cold days, and is nice enough to wear for special occasions. It's an all-around perfect coat.