Baby Yoda Is The Star Of 'The Mandalorian' On Disney+ — The People Have Spoken

If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you need to do this right now and I will tell you why. Sure, the streaming service is pretty reasonably priced. And yes, there's a whole swathe of amazing programming for kids and adults alike. But there's basically one reason you need to get Disney+ and this is Baby Yoda. He is everything you never knew you wanted. Truly, Baby Yoda is the star of The Mandalorian, the new live-action Star Wars series on Disney+, and if you don't believe me just go ahead and believe everyone on social media losing their minds over the tiny, adorable, wizened green creature.

The Mandalorian tells the story of a bounty hunter living in the Star Wars universe, but with a cool, space western vibe. The series is directed by Jon Favreau of Iron Man and Elf fame, and stars Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal as the bounty hunter. Most importantly, The Mandalorian introduces us to the most wonderful character in Star Wars history, in my opinion. At the end of the first episode of the series, which launched on Nov. 12, the bounty hunter who is the titular character called the Mandalorian finds "The Child," a tiny, Yoda-like character he's been commissioned to capture and deliver for payment.

And, with that, a star was born.

It should be noted that the character is not actually called Baby Yoda, and it has not yet been established whether or not this little green character is indeed related to the actual Yoda. So far, all fans know is that this little one appears to be of the same species as the Yoda we all remember from the Star Wars series, the Jedi master who trained Luke Skywalker et al.

Also fans know they want to protect the character dubbed "Baby Yoda" at all costs.

One social media user even went so far as to give "Baby Yoda" a video montage set to Dolly Parton's "Here We Go Again," because sometimes it's just easier to turn to music to encapsulate your love.

The first episode of The Mandalorian introduced this tiny Yoda-like character to fans, but the second episode saw him moving around and even chasing a little frog. This proved to be too much for one social media user, who questioned whether or not she loved her "own child as much as baby yoda."

Another fan put her feelings pretty succinctly, "I would die for baby Yoda."

I would definitely recommend signing up for Disney+ for all of your Baby Yoda needs immediately. Because you just don't know what the future holds for this little hero.