Life's New Size-Inclusive Flexible Fit Line Is As Cute & Comfy As Expected

by Lindsay E. Mack

The search for a jumpsuit that actually fits may be over. With the launch of's first collection of flexible fit apparel, a variety of on-trend pieces are available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. Plus, every garment in this collection has pockets, which is basically the definition of perfection.

With the inclusion of two jumpsuits, two pinafore dresses, and one wrap skirt, this collection from is designed to fit most every body. Designed as part of a more long-term effort to expand's size range, these pieces were carefully created to meet the customer's needs. In fact, this particular capsule collection took over two years to create, using fittings and feedback from people in sizes 00 to 24, as a company rep tells Romper. In other words, the people at put a lot of effort into creating skirts, dresses, and even jumpsuits that fit real bodies. And if you've ever tried to find a jumpsuit that fits off the rack, then you know just how amazing this sort of attention to detail and research can truly be.

The people at who helped bring this collection to life are understandably proud of their efforts to create inclusive, attractive garments in a range of sizes. "Our newest collection is’s take on a true fashion collection with inclusivity as its core. From sizing to color choices, we’ve created a collection that feels dynamic but also wearable for everyday," said Ruthann Clawson, merchandise director at

In addition, all of the pieces will be on sale for less than $100, and they are available on's website now. Available in both pink and black, the jumpsuit will retail for $88, whereas the pinafore dresses (also in pink or black) will cost $78. Lastly, the black wrap skirt will sell for $68. And again, everything has pockets, even the wrap skirt.

Plus, this particular collection was designed to play well with's other clothing options. "All three silhouettes are designed to compliment our existing apparel categories as well as the clothes already in her wardrobe," said Clawson. By using crossover bucket sizing (XS/S, S/M) for the pieces, the company has given its customers a chance to choose their own fit preference, as Clawson further explained. If you're looking for cute maternity or postpartum outfits, for instance, then it's easy to find a size that works for you.

Plus, the clothes act as a great base for outfit-building. You could easily pair one of's graphic tee shirts or striped tops with the skirt or pinafore dresses to create entirely new looks.

The careful design of these pieces reflects a major change in the fashion world overall. "It's important to us that what we create and put into the world is a reflection of our community, and because of that we're making the long term commitment to continuously work to expand our size offering with each collection," said Ali Labelle, creative director of art+ design at "Our team is working hard to thoughtfully extend our sizing through proper fittings on a variety of body types, seeking customer feedback, and conducting lots and lots of research." By creating clothes that fit a variety of body types and sizes, is making fashionable looks (and those sweet pockets) more accessible than ever.