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Bekah's Twitter Proves How She Really Feels About 'The Bachelor'

Anyone who says they weren't immediately intrigued by Bekah Martinez after The Bachelor Season 22 premiere has to be lying to themselves. She may be the youngest contestant this season, but her genuine personality and infectious smile make her an instant fan favorite. Plus, it doesn't hurt that her social media game is on point, and Bekah’s Twitter proves that The Bachelor contestant feels good about her experience with the show.

I should add that Bekah signed up for her current Twitter account right around the time The Bachelor premiered this season, so there aren't that many tweets to look through. However, it definitely shows another side to the 22-year-old nanny that her Instagram might not. As in, instead of gorgeous selfies and professional model shots, you get to see into the mind of the contestant who showed up in a vintage convertible and quipped about being able to appreciate the classics.

Every season, even though the women are essentially competing for the love of the same man, somehow they manage to forge very real friendships that last well beyond the confines of the Bachelor Mansion walls. In Bekah’s case, it would seem that she was able to do that as well.

The big drama surrounding Bekah this season concerns her age and whether or not the reveal will change the way Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. feels about her. While her age has yet to be displayed on her Bachelor bio or during the Season 22 premiere, it’s been confirmed that Bekah is 22 years old, making her the youngest contestant this season. However, judging by Bekah’s Twitter posts, you’d never guess that this was ever a point of contention between her and the other women vying for Arie's heart. In fact, she's had nothing but positive things to say about the show.

She also has no problem cracking jokes about The Bachelor, but all in good fun of course. And despite being a fast Bachelor favorite for some fans, Bekah has remained humble and seems unafraid to admit to being as nervous as any of us would be during her first meeting with Arie.

It’s hard to really figure out the contestants after the first episode alone, but the fan response to Bekah and tweets about her, which are mostly supportive, show how much love she’s already gotten, even if she is a little mysterious to viewers. One fan on Twitter even said that Bekah could "be the absolute star of the next season of Bachelor in Paradise," which I don't doubt, if Arie doesn't propose to her at the end of the season.

If Bekah doesn’t end up engaged to Arie this season, I have no doubt that she will be asked to be one of the many contestants on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. And since she clearly has a lot to offer, there’s no reason to suggest that she couldn't find her own Derek Peth or Evan Bass in that setting. But let’s just hope that Bekah gets the chance for Arie to fall in love with her, because it seems like that’s legitimately what she came on the show for.

Even if Bekah doesn’t make it to the hometown dates, judging by her tweets alone it seems that she had a good experience overall and is walking away with no regrets. And, like the women who came before her, she probably managed to make some connections with the other women, even if she didn't end up with an engagement ring.

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