These Flip Flops Were Designed For Pregnant, Swollen Feet & They Are *Amazing*

If you’re currently pregnant, barefoot, and wondering if you can ever leave the house again, then I have some news that may help you get outside in these dog days of summer (if you absolutely must, it’s hot out there, guys.) The brand famous for its belly wraps, Belly Bandit, has designed a flip flop for pregnancy after collaborating with Telic. The new style promises support, comfort, and much-needed relief to achy, swollen feet.

Most people who've been pregnant can relate to the experience of looking down at their feet and realizing they more closely resemble balloon animals than they do, well, feet. Having swollen feet is a normal part of pregnancy (referred to as edema), and it may also affect your ankles and hands. Though it’s nothing to be too concerned about, swollen, achy feet are annoying, and that’s the PG version of how I really feel. It’s uncomfortable to try to get your feet into shoes that feel way too small, and you can forget wearing just about anything with heels, laces, or zippers. That leaves you with Crocs (if you’re into that sort of thing) or sandals, and those cute strappy ones you bought before you were pregnant probably won’t have enough give to fit your pregnancy feet— it’s like trying to wear non-maternity jeans past the four-month mark — just not going to happen. Enter the new collaboration between Belly Bandit x Telic, the answer you've been looking for to help with swollen, uncomfortable feet.

The “Therapeutic Flip Flops were designed to address the pains associated with pregnancy,” Belly Bandit’s website noted. The supportive shoes are also a great option for people who have plantar fasciitis, which can be caused by a number of factors, including exercise or being on your feet for long periods of time; according to Healthline, “Women who are pregnant often experience bouts of plantar fasciitis, particularly during late pregnancy.”

The sandals are made using Novalon material; when activated by the heat of your feet, the material conforms to the shape of the foot for extra support and cushioning, like a hug for your hurting soles. The arch support and deep heel cup help to to evenly distribute bodyweight, so you don’t wind up with one area (your heel, for example) supporting all your weight, which can lead to soreness and swelling. This is particularly important as foot pain can have a snowball effect through the body; podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab Expert Dr. Jackie Sutera says in a blog for the Vionic brand, “When your feet hurt, you start to shift your weight and 'compensate.' This causes strain on muscles, joints, tendons, etc. to work in ways they are not intended to leading to knee, hip and back pain.”

Belly Bandit x Telic flip flops are designed for medium to medium-wide feet, and sizing up is recommended if you have an especially wide foot (that would be me, my feet are so wide I could only fit into ballet shoes until the age of 3). My personal favorite feature is the textured footbed, which feels like a mini massage every time you take a step. These sleek, black sandals also fit seamlessly into any wardrobe (I wear black constantly, even on 95 degree days, so I’m personally excited that these come only in my favorite shade).

The flip flops cost $45, and they’re so comfortable I bet you’ll find yourself wearing them long after baby is born — you know, once your feet again resemble feet. Who knew comfort could be so cute?