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Beyonce & Blue Ivy Are Basically Twins In This Throwback Pic

Usually when parents post throwback pics, they're sort of embarrassing. But not if you're Beyoncé, of course. In an Instagram post from Tina Lawson, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are basically twins. It's kind of uncanny, something the mother of both Beyoncé and Solange notes in the caption. "If Beyonce don't look like Blue on this photo!!! Getting her braids done by Toni," she wrote. And seriously, it's hard not to see the resemblance.

She didn't date the picture or add too much other information, but it's very possible that the picture was taken way back when, given Beyoncé's young face in the pic. It might even have been at Headliners, the 12-seat salon in Houston that Lawson ran for almost two decades until she took on the role as stylist for Destiny's Child, the R&B group that launched Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

Lawson's story is intricately tied to her daughters' upbringing. She told the New York Times that when Destiny's Child broke up she continued to run her own fashion lines, but something stopped clicking for her. She was also going through a divorce with Mike Knowles, Beyoncé's dad, which could explain it. Lawson said of that time:

I kind of lost myself. All these things that I love — going to art shows, reading art books, going out dancing — I had stopped. That’s not really loving yourself, if you’re not taking care of yourself in terms of your needs and what makes you happy.

With both of her daughters doing their thing and climbing to success, Lawson packed up Houston and moved to Los Angeles, where she married Richard Lawson in 2015. Lawson's personal story and the picture she shared of Beyoncé this morning are really a testament to the fact that you never know what life has in store for you. That might sound cheesy — but look at little Bey getting her braided by her mom's friend way back then?

Now, Bey and her mom are two of the most powerful women in the world, given their influence. Last month, they took Blue Ivy back to Houston to help with Hurricane Harvey relief while her twin siblings, Rumi and Sir stayed back in California. Beyoncé recalled her time growing up in Houston saying:

Y’all are my family. Houston is my home. This church is my home. I was maybe 9 or 10 years old the first time I sat there where my daughter is sitting. I sang my first solo here. This is a celebration of survival. Y’all are my family.

Blue really is her mother's daughter in so many ways. Not only do they attend events together and hang out as only a mother and daughter can do, Lawson said earlier this year that Blue is already a great big sister. If any sibling rivalry has been going on, no one's talking about it. After the twins were born, Lawson said of her granddaughter, "She’s very proud and very excited. She’s a good big sister, she really is. She cares for them a lot.”

Bey and Blue don't just look alike, it seems like the 5-year-old might already have a future in the music industry. On her dad's album 4:44, she raps on a track, singing "boom shaka laka" in a way that would make anyone dance. Especially her 63-year-old grandma.

When it was released, Lawson posted an Instagram of her and her grandson Julez, Solange's son, dancing in the car to the track, which is aptly titled, "Blue's Freestyle/We Family."

If anyone's holding the fam together, it's Lawson. Let's just hope she keeps posting old school pics of Bey looking like her babies, because there aren't nearly enough "embarrassing" kid photos of Beyoncé floating around for us to obsess over.

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